Discovering Yourself

IMG_5834_untitled_Each and every single one of us has the potential already within us to become all that we truly desire to be.

If you want to find out who you currently are and what you have it in you to be, observe your character while you are riding.

Your horse will reveal you to yourself. It is easy to hold our thoughts, concerns, anger self doubt and frustrations hidden away inside, but when we are faced with our ride, the communication and connection will always bring out all that is within us and reveal us to our true self. Your horses’ actions are a reflection of Who You Are. You cannot hide from it and it will always speak the truth. It brings out the best and the worst in us and allows for us to choose who we want to be.

This can be very hard to hear and for some of us difficult to accept. We may be confronted with our biggest enemy. The realisation for some of us may be that we have the character we dislike most in others, or we may be the person we have always said we would never become. We can be very often faced with the reality of our very own fears.

This step though is probably the hardest and may take a lot of denial before one comes to the acceptance and understanding of what currently is. You see what currently is, is uniquely there for each and every one of us to become who we would like to be. You can only get to where you want to be through where you are now. Frustration turns into anger which turns into determination which turns into clarity and vision which turns into purpose and passion. Everything is happening for our very own individual reason of experiencing the rider we would love to be.

When riding we find that not only are we faced with our dislikes of ourselves but we are also faced with our greatest and highest moments. There are times that the true character of our bigger self will emerge and those are the times where we have grown and achieved something we have never done before. Where we have gone beyond the fear of something and shined with pure energy and precision and timing that all seems to come together like magic.

So now we are faced with two possibilities. You could also say two people when riding. It comes down to, at the base of it, a choice between these two people. You may be aware of it already but not in control of it, you find yourself reactive or passive and continuing to punish yourself even after your ride, for doing or not doing something that you have done or wanted to do.

This game of punishing ourselves is a play of our ego to hold us back from where we truly desire to be. This game that we play no matter how often we win will never go away until we choose to not play it at all. You see you don’t need to punish yourself to get to where you want to be. In the end it is your choice, your vision and your life experience. Where you are within yourself is exactly where you need to be.

When a child first learns to ride a bike they encounter a lot of setbacks, many stumble, will stub their toe and fall down repeatedly. But there seems to be something within them that keeps trying without question. They have this exciting vision of being able to ride this bike. They aren’t questioning if they will be able to, they know they will. They don’t doubt if it is possible to ride a bike, they know it is. They are seeing life through fearless eyes, that although they have not mastered it yet, it is a joyful experience of trying something new in their life. It does not matter to them that Joe down the street can ride his bike already, their whole world is beautifully wrapped up inside them and they are being who they are, right then. As years go on they master riding that bike and without even thinking about it they ride effortlessly as though the bike has always been an extra limb of their body.

Can you ride a bike? Now the more important question is – Do you still know how to ride a bike?

Once we become something it is always a part of us. What we become is always a product of what we have envisioned ourselves to be, whether it is what we like or don’t like. It is important that we always have a clear vision of who we want to be.

Now, to relate this to your riding, if we are always creating who we are when we are riding, then it is important that we know what it is that we want to be. The choice of the two people – The choice of the voice that is doubtful, gives up easily, fearful of unwanted outcomes.
Then there is the voice of our true self – Belief, love and passion. Getting in touch with this part of you is like living life through the eyes of the boy learning to ride a bike.


Every single one of us is a product of a higher being here to create magic through our own eyes.

Your ride is your very own magical picture being drawn onto the earth. Honour where you are right now. You and your horse are perfect just the way you are.

©Catherine Louise Birmingham


Catherine Louise Birmingham lived and trained in Germany for four years. Although she specialises in classical German Dressage she also works with confidence building and all levels of riding, her coaching is unique in that it spreads across all areas of growth within the individual. Spiritual, emotional, mental as well as physical.

Catherine has trained numerous horses in Germany, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia and taught and coached riders in various different countries.

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