Letting Go of the Reins

Article by Catherine Louise Birmingham

‘How we respond to events changes the course of future events.’ Eckhart Tolle

The need to hang onto the reins and to control things, is just another form of trying to find security in what we are doing and what is happening in our lives. Unfortunately if what we are doing is an action driven by fear it only produces more fear in the horse we are riding. This is where no matter what we do, we keep sending signals of insecurity, control and tension and this produces more of the same response back to us from the horse.

Remember the horse is a mirror image of the rider. The horse is being presented here as a symbol for life, so the horse is the same as the reaction that we receive from the people, places and events that are currently in our lives. In other words everything the horse is showing you is helping bring to your attention everything that you are doing that is creating your current life.  The power in knowing this is that you begin to understand how to make the changes in your life that you desire and to understand the things that are not so easy to change.

So let’s begin by looking at the horse and the first question that arises is how do we change the horse?

We can use the word create here to explain the desire to change something.  Change can also be a shift of awareness, a growth in perspective, a broader understanding and awareness of how we work and how the Universe works.

We know that the horse is a mirror image of us so if we want to change the horse we have to change us.  If life is like the horse and is a reflection of us then to change our lives is to first change us. The more we change the more our life changes.  So if you currently want your life to change in any area or aspect large or small you must first do the work of changing you.

But how do we change?

Change is so often seen as a negative, there is something wrong that needs to change, but this thinking restricts positive change which is always about creating a new and wonderful experience as well as solidifying and building upon current wonderful experiences.

I want you to remember the horse is a symbol for life, so how the horse is acting, feeling, changing or doing is exactly what happens in life. What you need to do, become and learn about yourself to influence the horse are the exact same things you need to learn about yourself to influence your life. Your state of awareness is being shown to you through the horse just as it is being shown to you through the people, places and events in your life.

It is important to create and develop an understanding of why things are happening because in doing this it changes how we respond to events that are happening in our life and therefore begin to transform the events that lay ahead of us. The creation of the future happens in the now.

In riding you only ever have one stride that you can work with. It’s the culmination of all the strides put together that create the bigger picture. You could ride a trot circle unaware of the individual stride and you will forever be responding to the bigger picture with no idea of how to change it. You are forever responding to the effect and missing the boat to get in touch with the cause. The creative power lives in being completely in tune with the individual stride with balance, awareness and non-judgment. This slowly changes the individual stride that evolves into the bigger picture that is evolving and changing within the growth of the individual stride.

In other words as things begin to evolve and strengthen from within that one stride, everything connected to that stride also evolves and strengthens to become a sure and solid foundation which in turn strengthens everything connected to it. This creates a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the one stride we are in but is forever held and created from that one stride. No matter how large this ripple effect reaches, it is only sustained by the one stride that keeps creating it.

It’s like the eye of the storm that creates the strength of the cyclone. The problem arises when we get too focused on what is happening in the ripple effect – the events in our lives that we have created and begin to lose power over the centre of the cyclone, our present awareness. We get distracted by the good, the bad and the things we judge and analyse as right or wrong. The events happening in our lives are not the cause of more of what is happening they are the effect. How we respond to the effects happening is working from our centre and therefore can change the future effects being created. You are the cause in what is happening by where you are centring yourself. Whatever it is that you are thinking about, constantly aware of and focused upon is creating the ripple effect in your life and producing more of those things.

If you are never centring yourself upon your own existence of who you truly are and are constantly focused on and thinking about all the hundred different things and events, good or bad, that are happening within your life, then the events in your life will be just as scattered and inconsistent. In doing this no one thing that you desire to have, be or do is ever given the focused energy required for it to create the momentum to draw the effects to keep coming to you.

If you want the effects of something to keep being generated within your life then you need to keep asking for it until it becomes a strengthened state of your awareness that is creating that thing you desire without you needing to keep putting constant focus and attention on it.

Most of us have our strengthened state of awareness grown in stress, worry, tension, anxiety, negativity and fear. This creates the effects of a constant source of events that feed this state of responding in stress, worry, tension, anxiety, negativity and fear.

These things will slowly begin to lose their power once our awareness begins to grow in other areas thus building up their momentum in centred awareness, as the other things lose their effect on us and receive less and less focus they will begin to disappear from our lives. This is reflected in the truth that quantum physics has so beautifully proven in that ‘energy goes where attention flows’.

This understanding is the key to bringing positive and effective change. Action that is based in fear of the effects that are currently happening that we feel a victim to, is changed to action based in awareness of now, the one stride that creates the whole picture, when the outcome is held in detachment. You become aware of the circle you are making but are centred in the stride you are in because you know that stride that you are in, is the building block for everything you desire to achieve and experience in the future. Everything you dream of is created through the stride you are in now, because it is the only stride you will ever have to work with. This is present awareness without fear or worry of what has passed or what is to come.

There is much power in presence but to do this you must first get out of your head and get in touch with your body. When you can accomplish this you are now at a level of awareness that you can begin to change you.

The only way to be open to what is possible and allow for ourselves to grow and change towards our dreams, is to first let go of the reins. But the inside work must be done first otherwise all the outside work you have put so much time and effort into will be held together by shaky foundations and will not last.

Do the inner work of letting go of the reins on the inside first and change towards your dreams will roll at your feet.

©Catherine Louise Birmingham


Catherine Louise Birmingham lived and trained in Germany for four years. Although she specialises in classical German Dressage she also works with confidence building and all levels of riding, her coaching is unique in that it spreads across all areas of growth within the individual.

Catherine has trained numerous horses in Germany, Japan and Australia, taught and coached riders in three different countries. Her book, Ride for Life, is selling throughout Australia and is now translated into Danish and selling across Denmark.

Ride for Life can be purchased through  www.barkerdeanepublishing.com.au

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