Mirror Theory

Mirror Theory

Article by Catherine Louise Birmingham

thank you crystalAfter Masaru Emoto’s discoveries of the effect of thought on water, it is now known just how powerful our thinking is and how connected we are to the horses being while riding.

The concept of ‘the horse is a mirror image of the rider’, is the horses way of showing us just how much effect our thoughts have over our life and over the situations we have at each moment. Because there is more than one reason for our current thoughts – mind, body and spirit, history and experiences/influences of this life and others or current state of awareness, the mirroring of what is, is only one aspect and stage of awareness that horses are assisting us in moving into and moving through.

‘Know Thy Self’

A rider cannot begin to fully be aware of everything that the horse is, thinking, feeling and doing, until that rider has opened up, over time, to a state of awareness of what they are thinking, feeling and doing. Therefore the horse is first giving the rider constant feedback of Who they are on the surface, then who they are within. The horse helps the rider become aware of where they are currently at in each stage of growth and awareness happening within them. This involves a lot of what they may be holding on to sub-consciously and is being blocked emotionally so shows itself through physical pain.

Many riders as I coach will move in and out of self-reflection and thought, then focus and clarity and back to self-reflection and thought. This is continually worked on and grown. Emotional pain surfaces and is able to be moved through then the power of deep focus and clarity starts to emerge and take on an existence within them.

A great trainer has done so much self-mastery and self-awareness work that they are able to constantly feel where the horse is at within its grasp and understanding of the work, not just physically but mentally. They will work from a clear place within themselves and are able to then be very in tune and aware of what the horses needs are. This is a uniting of Souls between horse and rider to create something beautiful, together.


Things are not always that one is right and one is wrong, they are very often both right and depending on where you are at and what you are moving into, one theory or level of awareness, can very often be a stepping stone to another one.

The most difficult phase to move out of is the victim mode of awareness, that life has done this to me or it is the horses fault.

Understanding the mirror theory is putting not only responsibility in the rider’s hands but also an empowering realization of being in control of their life.

This is the clear moment of defining whether one is to be the passenger or the driver. The more evolved and harmonious stage after this can only be moved into after one has embraced and taken on the awareness of the horse being a reflection of their Self. Where they have begun to let go of excuses and blame of why things are happening and begin the empowering journey of creating change. A task in which is no easy feat for any of us.

An example of the mirror theory is explained more thoroughly in another article – Discovering Yourself.


© Catherine Louise Birmingham