Conscious decisions can change your ride

Baronetta 2 (640x589)Riding a horse is the same as living each day of our lives and every step is a decision making process from you whether you are conscious of it or not.

Every decision you continually make, conscious or unconscious, to either act or not to act, are determining the responses we get back from our horse and our life.

As Deepak Chopra explains we are operating from three different levels – unconscious, aware or self aware, we are also making constant decisions every moment from each of these three levels.

1. Unconscious – pre-programmed habits, beliefs and reactions that you are unaware of.
2. Aware – aware of these habits, beliefs.
3. Self aware – consciously choosing new responses or maintaining actions with an understanding of why you are doing them.

We don’t want to become re-programmed, we want to be free from programming. Being a conscious decision maker moves us from being the chess piece, being moved seemingly without our own will, to becoming the chess player moving the pieces with awareness of the whole game.

You become conscious of knowing what you do now and how it is effecting what you will receive from the horse or your life, in the future.

Habits don’t change before or after you do them, they change while you are doing them.

Start to take notice of what you are doing then ask yourself why you are doing it? Then begin the conscious choices of doing something new, it will always change what you are receiving back!

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