Excerpt from new book Just Be You

Just Be You – Transformation and the Gift of Fear
By Catherine Louise Birmingham

Now available for pre-order with Amazon.com in Kindle edition. Will be released Jan 1st 2015! With a foreword from Wolfgang Kutting, here is a short excerpt….



Excerpt taken from;

Chapter 6 ….Living Life in Fear

Do you want to live your life in fear? Trapped in a cage seeing the beauty of life happening all around you, waiting for something or someone to save you? Filled with anxiety not knowing when the next tormentor is coming to see you. You can’t sleep and when you do you wake in the morning with your teeth clenched, on defense mode always ready to fight, living life that every day is an on going battle. A battle to fight cancer, a battle to fight creditors, a battle to fight an abusive partner or a battle to keep your house.

All the while that you are in that cage it takes an old person to come up there and sit with you and ask you a question. ‘How did you get in this cage?’ Slowly you begin to speak, to release all your rage, anger, pain and sadness. Slowly you begin to understand why you are there, how you got there, why you stayed there. Peace begins to appear and one day as you look up to the sun with a deep breath the hand that had been clenched in a fist for so long lets go, as you look down there in the palm of your hand is the key to your cage, it had been with you all the time.

What are you living in fear of, what are you afraid of if you don’t get, can’t have or if it goes away? What do you feel you need in order to live your life? What cage have you put yourself in? Do you cringe when the phone rings, are you terrified of letting your guard down and telling someone you love them, are you scared of asking for a raise incase you lose your job, are you afraid to sing in front of an audience incase they don’t like you? Are you afraid to be you incase people don’t like you, are you being hunted every day of your life afraid of being caught and dying?

Nobody can take anything from you that you don’t give them. Nobody can hold you in fear of them if you are not offering up your fear to them. Ghandi spent most of his life in jail and still they could not stop him or control what he lived for – freedom. The world can take your possessions even your loved ones but it can never take you, even if they were to kill you they can never take your life away that you lived, your presence your existence is eternal even in the physical realm. They may forget your words and your deeds but they can never take it away from ever having existed. Who you are can never be killed, taken away or removed because who you are is beyond what you have or even what role in society that you play. You, your heart, your desires, your ideas, your soul is untouchable even if you are completely trapped in your own cage of fear, who you truly are exists in there with you, is always with you and will never leave you. Just as a person may die and their existence may be forgotten you can never take away that they existed, so to, even if you forget who you are it is never gone and will always be there waiting within you no matter how long you have forgotten it.

I would prefer a life filled with peace, love and joy and have nothing than a life lived in fear and have everything.


© Catherine Louise Birmingham

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Wolfgang Kutting foreword quote for just be you

2 thoughts on “Excerpt from new book Just Be You

  1. Beautifully written, a true reminder of how unconsciously, so many are living, until it is pointed out and comes to our awareness that it doesn’t have to be that way, and we can do something about it.

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