The Light of Love


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Lee coming to the car to say goodbye…

All references made to God in my writing, is in my belief a Universal energy that may be interpreted in whatever way that connects to the reader.

Loves Truth

‘I cannot live without you’. A belief we have of love is that it is attached to a need. The need to be with someone, the need to have something and the need to be somewhere are all recognised as loving something or someone. ‘I love you so much, I need you’. But this is not love in its truest form. One cannot teach this truth for it must be experienced, we can be given directions on how to get there but this special journey must be walked by thee alone. He who stretches beyond their current belief in search of the truth about love will be touching upon the Devine; The aspect of themselves that is in alignment with the truth of everything – the truth of God.

How to know Love True love requires no payment, material or non-material

True love never needs the object of your affection to love you back, whether it is a person an animal or a tree

True love never requires validation, recognition or approval

True love is always free.

The energy of love is inherent in Who We Are. Love is the light of our Soul, the more connected we are to our Soul the stronger our love is.

Love never needs to take it always gives

Love never needs to be taken from another in order to exist

Love is always given to you from God.

God only gives love and never needs to take it. God is a never ending source of love and gives it through us, therefore if we are searching for love it will be found from within.

Love has no judgment and may be felt by anyone in its presence

If you want love give it freely as it was given freely from God to you.

The Purpose of Love

When love is experienced it connects us to the truth of who we are. When we experience our own love we become the light of life itself. When I was young my strong connection to and desire to be with horses was the joy of being in the presence of their love. We experience this with our animals because they, like a child, are a pure vessel of love. Holding no judgment and desiring nothing in return. Abusing an animal will still love you but when able will always choose not to be with you while you emit such an energy. But unlike us they forgive and forget holding nothing against you. With time and healing on your behalf, they will begin to trust you again.

When love is pure and true it is the same whether it is directed at your partner, your pet, your job, your passion or the stranger on the street. The energy of love is the same but its purpose is different for each individual. Someone’s purpose with their love may be with their family, their pet, their job or their cause. Some may have one purpose and some may have many that continually change.

Love comes through you and is given as a gift to others from a never ending source, like a beam of the sun shining through you. The purer the vessel is the brighter the light.

Love is the beating heart of the Universe Without it we cease to exist.

My experiences with love in relationships with men were always strong and powerful but were equally painful. As strong as my love was, my being was also rooted in fear. When you are feeling an obsessive emotion that you believe to be love for another, turn it within. Instead of directing the feelings of fear, pain and hurt towards the object of your affection turn around and face you. It is not the thing you love that has caused your pain be it your partner, your friend, your boss or the competition lost, they are bringing to the surface the feelings of pain that already exist in you. The fear of loss exists in you, the insecurity belongs to you. Nothing in the world makes us feel a certain way but the things that happen to us bring to our awareness the current truth of who we are and with that an endless opportunity to grow. These truths, once acknowledged and given attention to, begin the process of evolution. The evolution of your Soul. Your light is love, love is truth, your truth and it is who you are. Go there and face that, no matter how painful the journey for it is your purpose of existing.

The Purpose of Fear

Yes fear too has a purpose for us here and only needs to be understood. If we are to embrace and accept fear as the push needed to connect with the truth of who we are, then it will serve its purpose in creating change from within.

When someone is sitting in the darkness of their fear and cannot feel the love of their own light they experience a constant emptiness of simmering hurt and pain. One looks to the world to fulfil this emptiness, money, a partner, a different job a house, the drink or the drug. They may not be aware of this pain all the time but will feel its effects when triggered by someone or something present in their life. Here the level of love experienced will always be in alignment with how evolved we are and how connected we are to our Soul. One may think they are choosing love but depending on how much fear is present within, it will determine the level of love we are able to experience and therefore express.


Living with Love


Living with Fear

  •   Love creates and inspires
  •   Fear holds back or forces
  •   Love is peace
  •   Fear is stress, worry and confusion
  •   Love is freedom and protection
  •   Fear is to be jailed from within
  •   Love is power, more powerful than all the armies of the world
  •   Fear is control and suppression
  •   Love is truth
  •   Fear is illusion
  •   Love is of God
  •   Fear is of ego


If whatever you are doing in your life, regardless of how much you love it, is felt to be your only option, then you are vibrating from a level of awareness that is operating from fear. Fear has no possibilities. With a majority of the human race so deeply and vastly operating from fear, one constantly strives for an insurance to their lives and everything they do and have in it. Loss becomes unacceptable and when it does happen we require compensation. We look to the world and if the world cannot provide this we look to God. When neither of these fit into our definition of understanding we then take matters into our fearful hands of judgment and one looks for revenge. Oh how easy the judger becomes the judged, the victim becomes the villain, the innocent and pure become the guilty and defiled. All this because of fear, where is the purpose of God in that? It is only here that forgiveness can be born for ourselves and for others in the opportunity to choose love. It is through our own fear that we find our love.

Fear is simply that we are asleep and to wake up we sometimes need the scary nightmare to jolt us awake.

Fear is darkness

Love is light

But darkness only exists when there is an absence of light. Darkness has no power over light. When you are in the grips of darkness with fear, worry, depression, doubt and disbelief do not try to fight against the darkness, you only need to bring in the light. Look within. You are the light for you are love.

Choosing Love So now you are aware of fear and love and are eager to find out, how do I simply choose love? We all want the answers to our questions to be instantly revealed to us and explained with ease, and they will but growth requires that we search for the answers, not that the answers are laid in our lap. Our transcendence from fear will be as strong as our current desire is. If the desire is not there yet than you are simply not ready for that step. The ability to ask the simple question – ‘What am I afraid of?’ has the power to light the path of the greatest journey within.

Be patient with yourself, your Soul came here already with a plan for you so trust your own process regardless of what that currently is. Know that you are always loved, heard, felt and matter to the world.


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Catherine Louise Birmingham

BookCover_JustBeYou_CatherineLouiseBirminghamJust Be You, Transformation and the Gift of Fear is Catherine’s newest book that is currently available as a Kindle Ebook. This book explains the process of facing fears and the direction towards finding out and owning what your truth and purpose is this lifetime.

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