The Truth of what Being Successful Really Is

FontCandy (17)We have so much power in us, so much spirit yearning to express itself, live itself and create itself.
Why are we holding that back?
Why are we afraid to speak our truth?
Why do we live a life in the limitations of what we fear the world around us, wants from us?
Why do we allow separation between each other? Whether is be culture, race, work hierarchies or celebrity status.

In 2010 I closed up my entire life’s work, my dreams, achievements and abilities in a defeated pile. I sat down with leftover pieces of guilt, shame, exhaustion and lots of stress and fear. I decided I was no longer going to pursue a success that was defined by the world around me and was going to remember who I really was, why I was here and what my life and existence had planned this time around.
I sat down and tried to remember why I started doing what I was doing in my life in the first place?

By the time I was 25 years old I spoke three languages, had lived and worked across the world. I was running and operating a 20acre training facility for horses and riders and had started my own company that went on to publish my first book. I was only 23 and was teaching some of the wealthiest people in Japan. I had started from nothing. I left home when I was 18 and went on to work my way around the world with very little belongings other than my drive, passion, love for horses and will to learn. But somewhere along the way the love and passion that once drove me was pushed out by my ego’s fearful need to ‘get somewhere’ in life. To finally say ‘yes I made it’ ‘I did those things’ or ‘I got that property’.

I was chasing a material dream that I thought would then give me the ability to then do what my heart truly wanted to do.

Catherine and Lee quoteBut there is no ‘end’ to this internal drive to ‘get somewhere’ and the fearful greed of our ego will never give up in its desire for more. But here is the contrasting truth that our Soul already is aware of – We will always be doing something, creating something, going somewhere, being something – this is the purpose of our life, to live it – this has no ending and is powered by an overwhelming support of love.

Nothing external that you ever drive towards – may that be a job, a competition, a certain house or car or most of all, a certain amount of money you will be earning, NONE of that will ever bring joy to you if you do not already have joy within you.

We will all at times work hard in life, we will all at times struggle and strive to climb mountains, create works of art or learn to master something we love but creating those things will never give you a completion in your life, we will always be living with a purpose in life. There is no finish line while still living. There will be ups and downs, fast periods and slow periods, times going within and times going outward but as long as the heart inside of you beats, it is pumping into this world an energy of love, an eternally connected source of power creativity and pure beauty. A true purpose of your existence that only you will ever be able to bring to life.

This does not expire during your life time.

You have the controls of this energy through your conscious awareness of yourself, your inner desires, your values and your dreams. You can either let the ego use its power against yourself and others through greed, ignorance, fear, guilt and victimization or you can make a choice to live your life authentically by listening to who you truly are inside – not to what the world around you tells you who you are, to who you know yourself to be.

In a horse world that is driven by successful competition, riders now becoming celebrities, horses being manufactured to perform for audiences and a distorted view of beauty in the arenas of competition, money and fame, it is necessary to step back and remember why you are doing what you are doing?
Who are you without the support and acknowledgment of others and do your actions reflect the values of your heart?

IMG_20160121_095635 (2)If not, you have the power to make a change within your life.

The world around you will shift itself to match you. You will no longer need to compete with others (externally or internally) to get to the goal of happiness, that happiness is already within you and you are simply allowing it to be expressed through your truth.

We are here within a world that is idolizing millionaires as the goal and purpose of life and our gifts. We are desiring wealth and cars and properties and high paid positions while there are homeless people living right outside our doors, starving children in the country next door and the planet we live on is being depleted of its resources right underneath our feet. Ego is blinding us from truth and its only cure is love.

This world can be a place where we are sharing, giving, helping and inspiring each others and our own talents, gifts, loves, passions and abilities. The Universe abundantly supports those things whether it be with people, jobs, opportunities, travels and means of income but the income itself is not the reward. The reward is how much joy you have, how empowered, challenged, driven and alive you feel while doing what you are doing – not what you ‘get’ – recognition, approval or material rewards.

We have a distorted view of success and it is time for that to be altered, replaced and adjusted.

Love quote 2The wisdom and mastery of so many great people here now and that have lived before us, who are able to bring together and create a wonderful partnership and harmony with horses or any animal is the value of worth in all the work we strive to do.



Please watch and share, it may be one of the most important messages of change within the human mind that will help transform and heal this world….


Respect, honorable actions and way of life, to ourselves, each other and the world around us are to me, the true expressions of a successful endeavor, no matter how many mistakes it takes us to get there, it is worth all the glory in the world.

FontCandy (12)
I send you all my love xoxox

5 thoughts on “The Truth of what Being Successful Really Is

  1. So true Catherine.
    There is a popular belief that if a void is filled with possessions and material wealth then we will be fulfilled. As this goal is not reached by many, there is a continuous struggle for this elusive ‘success’ which then becomes a false life’s purpose.
    It is a belief we need to change within ourselves as individuals and remember our true life’s purpose.
    How wonderful you found, and are following, yours 😊 It was a very brave, inspiring process you went through. Thankyou so much for sharing and reminding us all.
    Sending you much love and Happy New Year, New moon, solar eclipse and Wednesday to you! 😉 xxx


    1. Thank you Princessares. Yes I felt very strong about the message of that video and so glad you have enjoyed it too. I hope that light is shone over your challenging time and if it is meant globally I share in your desire to heal a world and open the minds of the many Souls who have and are destroying it. A shift is upon us. Sending my love xo


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