Spiritual Guidance Sessions – Empowerment, Healing and Focus

Spiritual Guidance Session with Catherine Louise Birmingham

Just under 8 yrs ago, I sat and watched the shock and horror on the face of a truly gifted woman playing a huge part in my then business and Dressage Training stables, Equinoxe Equestrian, when she told me that I could NOT use the word Spiritual in the new brochures! She was afraid that we would lose all the clients from the equestrian world and sure enough, she was right ;-). I didn’t however lose the clients who were benefitting from me fully embracing the truth of who I am and what I believe my Soul came here in this life to be and do. Those clients are still friends today and have become great teachers and riders themselves.

Have you ever wondered why certain behaviors happen with your horse? Maybe a situation in your life is effecting you or repeating itself?

If you have questions of why you keep having the same problems with a certain horse or horses in your life, there is a specific reason and purpose in that for you too.
Many may be specific to you so a reading can help you understand something in one way that may effect or mean something to someone else.

The Goal

Empowerment Healing Growth and Focus

You are an individual source of an all connected power of divine energy. But your specific self matters.
Your dreams, desires, fears, experiences, choices and actions although may appear like many others, they aren’t, they are specific only to you and this current life you are living.

Just as each of us has our very own fingerprint, your Soul has one too.

Since going through chronic depression as a teenager, having a violent temper, suicide attempts and not the most supportive and love filled partnerships and relationships. I have spent many years of deep meditative hours seeking my own clarity, healing and direction. During these times I began seeing so clearly the beautiful truths coming to light of our oneness and connectivity of all that is, the reason and meanings behind so much of our pain and fear here. It became clear to me after returning to this ‘life’ that our spirit is living these human lives in a seemingly dense material world and there is a very profound reason and purpose in that reality too. By connecting with our truth and then seeing the illusion of separation from a different light, I am wanting to connect with and honor the diversity of life and the individual YOU in this world.

Spiritual Guidance Healing and Intuition

It had been repeatedly showing itself whenever I would be teaching. I would find myself feeling strongly about a direction of words that I felt needed to be said regarding a person and their riding, only to look up and see the tears falling from their face. Such a release of pain that was effecting every part of their life. Such a moment of courage and trust from so many unbelievable souls I have had the honor to work with and there, always in those moments of release their once tense or afraid horses would be calm and at peace.

Was it ever just training Dressage? No it is never just riding a horse, it is the training grounds of mastering ones mind, emotions, actions and empowering their life.

If you are ready to dive deeper into your life, its purpose, its possibilities and the hidden meanings to many things your horse or life may be trying to show you, then please contact me for a Spiritual Guidance Session and lets let the journey begin 😉

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Divine Love between all species, is the purpose and power of this planet earth.
Divine Love between all species, is the purpose and power of this planet earth.
Catherine Louise Birmingham is the Author of Ride for Life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders. She previously worked Internationally as a Dressage Rider and Trainer. She is now passionate about helping heal and change the world through working with each individual who is wanting to transform their life. She is available for Intuitive Energy Readings/Spiritual Guidance Sessions online and can travel worldwide with her Enlightened Riding Seminar and Workshop, popular for both riders and non-riders. She now lives with her partner in Abruzzo, Italy where they have opened their home as the Love and Nature Healing Retreat.

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