What are you worth?

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With a remarkable man who has supported my truth, Herr Wolfgang Kutting.

How often have we been asked the question – What is your worth?
What is your value?
How much are you worth?

We are born into a society that teaches us to go to school, learn, study, find a job to survive in life and then one day you may have enough money saved up to do what your heart actually wanted to do in the first place.

It is a society that bases our self worth and the belief of what we are meant to do to earn a right to survive on this planet and in the amount we earn for the work we do, whether we love that work or hate it.

A plaguing stress and belief constantly in the back of your mind ‘What am I going to do to earn money?’ ‘What am I going to do to survive?’ There is a feeling of debt to the world because you are alive.

The stress of fighting for a right to survive in the world, a right that you were already born with.

Your right to life

You do not need to earn a right to live, you already have that. What you do with that support, care, abundance and love is what you get to make from all the ingredients that life already provided for you. Sadly though, with such an ingrained belief that we are not worthy of love, support, care and assistance, we stressfully push through a material focus on life being hard, difficult and a daily creation of what we can receive, receive, receive. Not ever realizing how much just in our own existence we are able and meant to, equally and so diversely, give, give, give. When you connect with that light of your Soul and its own special desires of the life it came here to live, life always provides, assists, guides, intervenes and helps in more ways than you could ever have imagined possible.

Simply for being here. Simply for choosing this life. The Universe is supporting you.

13873030_1162620487132172_176358257422452995_nWe all have a right to be here. We all have an unlimited source of guidance, protection, care and support for everything we individually came here to achieve.

You are worthy of abundance in your life, because you are ALIVE.

It is time to change a long overdue, fear based belief of wealth and survival. We all have a purpose being here, we all have an existence worthy of this life and we all are supported in living it, sharing it with others and the world around us. We have a connected part to play in each others lives, just as every wild animal shares in the comfort and abundance of the nature they live in. We took away that nature to create a fearful source of abundance, creating, lack, starvation, inequality and war.

Whatever it is that you are doing in your life, you have a right to be here, the same right as the rich man on your right and the starving child on your left.

Neither you nor I are better or worse than each other.

Our free will to choose what thoughts and actions we take is part of our Souls learning and life experience. We all have a choice of what we bring into this world and it will either be driven by fear or passionately created and lived with love, regardless of what it is.

Love Who You Are

IMG-20160726-WA048 (2)
‘Your only work, ever, is to honor your Soul and what you came here to do.’

By focusing only on what work or profession you do to gain a return or right to survive in this world, you immediately disconnect yourself from the work your Soul truly came here to give through your existence in this life.
Your true gift to this world is within every breath of life you take.
It has no time frame, no location restrictions or limited connections, it is in everything you are, everything you experience, everything you believe, everything you learn, everything you love, every struggle you encounter and in every joy you receive.
You are the seed of your life! You cannot keep pulling yourself out of the ground hoping that your life will grow on its own.
Your worth is in recognizing your own Souls right to be here this lifetime and let it speak its truth 100%, every day, throughout every moment. No holding back, no judgements, no filters of your immediate truth, just pure freedom, pure light, pure purpose, pure existence but mostly and most powerfully – from Pure Love.

Your only work, ever, is to honor your Soul and what you came here to do. This begins the moment you are born and doesn’t finish until you leave this life.

Love who you are, love what you do and remember the Universe will support you in that, because you showed up this lifetime, you are here, you are alive, you are free to be who you are and this world needs you too.

You are the light behind and through all that you do, your entire life.
You are the light behind and through all that you do, your entire life.




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