‘Oh my dear western world, how my heart goes out to thee.

A world living in fear, spirits are drained, talents are corrupted, beauty is disfigured beyond recognition and love is looked down upon and mocked to have no purpose in life.

Oh my dear western world, how my heart aches for thee.

Your people have no purpose and your leaders have no peace. Your lands are bare and empty, even the wild animals are no longer to be seen. Drained of all its goodness and filled with fear and lack. The rains of love and laughter are no longer to be had.

Oh my dear western world, how my heart goes out to thee.

Lives are bought and sold for profit, nobody is truly free.

Oh my dear western world, please let our people be.’

Catherine Louise Birmingham

Western society, a world of opportunity and fortune. A world of education, of multibillion dollar businesses, of movie stars, famous actors, singers and dancers.

I have stood and watched my family and my friends, the people I teach and the old people living down the street, all work, strain, stress and strive for a life that once bought has no peace, no love and no joy for those in it. In fact if you go to most mansions and properties of grand scale you will find their rooms, their gardens and their halls are empty. A bare space that has been purchased for an ego that will never feel full from anything it buys. A life with no finish line, striving to achieve financial freedom and once, if ever, acquired the body is too old and drained from years of stress to enjoy it or one is so afraid of losing one’s wealth that they live like a poor man barely touching the money they have.

The sad part is that Eastern cultures are priding themselves in the growth of their way of life in the Western way. Forgetting their tribes and traditions and lands and animals, they are pursuing the idea of a western thriving life only to find, like the eager child who cracks open the chocolate egg and is so disappointed, that it is empty on the inside.

Just Be You quote 2
‘Love is found in the small as in the big things of life.’ Catherine Louise Birmingham

There is no current utopian society and every attempt to make one in the past eventually self destructed, but I am not talking about society I am merely connecting to the individual, within the growth of awareness in each individual lies the key to all of mankind.

‘Why do you pick out the speck that is in your brother’s eye but do not see the log that is in your own eye. First take out the log that is in your own eye and you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.’ Jesus

The world and its destruction or peace is a reflection of the state of awareness of the people within it. To change the world one must begin to open the eyes of the Souls who live in it. The first person to begin with is you.

‘Put no head above your own.’ Buddha

It is important that you do what you are driven to do, but it is how you do what you do that brings either fear into this world or love.

‘I have to work what about my children’s education?!’

The most important education our children need right now is on how to love and how to be loved. The power of their connection to compassion, love and warmth at home will overpower any fear or negativity they experience in the outside world. When the sponge is weighed down with sadness it can absorb nothing else, regardless of how good it may be. True love brings togetherness, not judgment and separation.

Soul to Soul quote - zebra‘In separateness lies the world’s great misery, in compassion lies the world’s true strength.’ Buddha

One way to learn about true love is through an animal. An animal does not allow for you to manipulate, steal from, judge or seduce. An animal reads your heart and its true intentions, an animal see’s into your Soul.

Whatever the path is for you in your life right now and whatever may be in it, know that Who You Are effects the balance of the entire Universe. Any attempt you make to know the Truth within yourself, makes the world a brighter place to be. Here is your Utopia.

‘The kingdom of heaven is within.’ Jesus


© Catherine Louise Birmingham

Lee and CatherineNote: This article was written after I had lost everything I had ‘owned’ and worked towards my whole life. I was meditating daily for hours and had made my first visit to Malaysia. I cannot say I know any secrets to success but I can only share with you the experiences of love and meditation that have provided for me some of the most profound guidance and answers to the biggest life challenges and changes I have had to face so far. There is more to life than what society has brought us up believing. I don’t ask you to believe me, I ask you to question your own beliefs.
You deserve to live the life your Soul came here to live. The world is waiting for you to live it.
I always send you all my love and appreciation.

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