Owning Your Fear

How do we take control of fear and not let it take control of us?

Fear is not always that we are afraid of heights, dogs or snakes. With so many of us now taking on our own companies and businesses, it can be the fear of opening the post. Of reading an email from a complaining client. Not making the months bills or losing your clients. Sometimes the fear of being afraid can override the thing you actually are afraid of!

You cannot help a situation when you are living in fear of it.

The first step to controlling your own fear is to own it. Acknowledge that it is there, that it belongs to you. See that it is yours, not something/someone else giving it to you. Once you have this fear held in your awareness then you can step forward towards the thing you are afraid of. It is in this ‘knowing’ that the power over it’s transformation to peace is begun.

Awareness of our fears is the first step because until we are aware we sit in denial. In this denial is exactly where the fear owns us. By pretending that you are not afraid you are separating your self in two. This only creates conflict within and a loss of inner strength and power.

When you deny an aspect of yourself – good or bad – you deny the very part of you that has the power within it to help you grow.

Once you have recognized the fear within you, the next step is to move forward. This process can be slow at first. Sometimes just moving forward will be doing something not connected to what you are afraid of. It is in the awareness of the fear within you that the change has already begun without you even doing anything about it.

  • The fear starts to lose it’s power and control over you because you have already taken power and control over it.
  • As it’s power starts to lessen, your own confidence will begin to emerge.
  • This confidence will give you the will power to make any necessary actions and push you forward towards the thing you desire.

The lessons fear push us towards are always somehow connected to something we love or desire. When your desire grows beyond your fear, you have the necessary power to move forward in the direction of your Soul’s desire.

Fear is the resistance that builds strength just as the heavy weight is the resistance that builds muscle. Everything is connected to the growth of our Soul. Whether it is connected to the growth of your company, the depth of your relationships, the direction of your career or the self-respect and self-love lacking in your life, fear will silently be there ready to come to the surface to help you grow.

  • Recognize your fear
  • Own it as yours and that it began within you
  • Take a step forward in any direction that your desire asks you to go
  • Let the power of awareness do the work behind the scenes for you
  • Let go
  • Have fun!


Once you have faced a fear and overcome it, you are stronger and more confident than you ever were before.

© Catherine Louise Birmingham

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