Horses don’t have problems – People do.

Working with the Andalusian Stallion, Gato, in Jakarta, Indoneisa ’14’

I have been working for a while now as a Dressage rider and coach. I went from learning how to ride bareback, no bridle, no helmet and on my own as a young child, to working with animal behaviorist, Andrew Maclean, to living and working/riding under old school Classical Dressage trainers in Germany, to owning my own stables in Australia. I have since been head coach for stables in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and recently in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Throughout all those years, working with all these different horses – young to Grand Prix, Show Jumping, hobby riders, to Western riders, beginners and professionals, different religions, cultures and even in different languages – there is one thing I came to realise;

Horses don’t have problems, people do.

Edward Cox with the master Mr Lee 🙂 Enlightened Riding Seminar & Workshop Australia 2018

I love horses, I love riding and I also love simply being around them. But I slowly started to find more fulfillment in helping the riders, not just with their riding skills but with their thoughts, feelings and emotions. I was noticing the huge changes that were occurring in their horses behavior every time we worked through something they were struggling with in their life, often outside of riding. I was giving the horses more help by assisting the riders in their life goals and state of happiness.

It became clear to me after working with so many different horses and riders, that these beautiful animals were slowly helping us learn, grow, become more aware and understand ourselves through them.

I also realized that it was extremely important for me to be open, patient and respectful to how everyone was currently doing things, only from there over time if it was necessary, I could introduce a change that would be beneficial to them. Usually this was shown – not told.

If we focus on celebrating all the ways horses are helping us grow in our lives, we make a far greater difference in the lives of those suffering, then if we choose to judge, separate and condemn someone doing something that we may at the time feel against.

Anything that is affecting you is something you are needing to work on. Yes this is a hard pill to swallow, I know! But compassion and understanding give birth to change, either within yourself or those around you. Judgment, anger and hatred only push people away and suppress the things you are needing to heal and grow from.

If your horse is having problems, the greatest help you can be is to begin by asking yourself ‘Where am I needing help with emotionally?’ ‘What am I not facing?’

Emotions are stored within the cells of our body and when they are suppressed and not allowed the freedom to flow, they later store up and try to get your attention through injury/illness/pain. Your horse will more often than not, take these physical pains on for you and show up with his own injury/sickness/pain. Yes they are so connected to you 😉

Their healing will often take place once we have addressed and worked through our own issues.

I go through this in detail with the Enlightened Riding Seminar but you can work on this yourself at home! Just take the time to stop and get connected with how you are feeling and ask yourself why you are feeling that way?

Catherine Is now available to give Energy Readings and Spiritual Guidance Sessions via Phone/WhattsApp/Skype/Email! Go to Healing & Coaching with Catherine to book your session. Catherine is the Author of Ride for Life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders.


Always sending out so much love ♥

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