Letting Go

Catherine with Utopia and Lee ’18’

Sometimes in life, we just need to breathe and let go…..

The need to hang onto the reins and to control things, is just another way of us trying to find security in what we are doing and what is happening in our lives. It’s when that sneaking inner anxiety and fear about the future is slowly making it’s presence known but you are not aware of it yet. The tension and stress that you may not even notice in you, slowly starts to come to life. You start to notice that you are controlling everything around you and that you are hanging on to the reins.
Unfortunately in riding and in life, if what we are doing is an action driven by fear, it only produces more fear in the horse. This is where no matter what we do, we keep sending signals of insecurity, control and tension and this keeps bringing back to the same response to us from the horse.

It’s easier to understand this when you look at the horse as being a mirror image of the rider and the horse is being presented here as a symbol for life. So the horse is the same as the reaction that we receive from the people, places and events that are currently in our lives. In other words everything the horse is showing you is helping bring to your attention how you are consciously and subconsciously, thinking, feeling and doing. It’s how you are attracting and creating, or allowing, everything that is in your current life. The power in knowing this is that you begin to understand how to make the changes in your life that you desire and to understand the things that are not so easy to change right now.

Catherine Louise Birmingham during a riding and life coaching clinic in Victoria, Australia. July 2014

What you needed to learn about yourself to influence the horse, are the exact same things you needed to learn about yourself to change your life.

Your state of awareness is being shown to you through the horse, just as it is being shown to you through the people, places and events in your life. For example a lesson in boundaries being set with our horse is going to make an effect on the way we interact with the people in our lives. Once upon a time we may have let the horse step on our feet and shy at every corner until we began to say no and continually place a distance between you and him and start to keep him focused on you in the ride, instead of where his attention is wandering to. You also then started to say no to your friends that wanted to go out drinking and partying and changing the conversation to positive things with someone who only talked to you to complain about what they disliked. These things will always coincide.

It is important to create and develop an understanding of why things are happening because in doing this it changes how we respond to events that are happening in our life. It’s here that we begin to transform the events that lay ahead of us. The creation of the future happens in the now. It’s like the eye of the storm that creates the strength of the cyclone.

Problems arise when we get too focused on what is happening in the ripple effect – the events in our lives that we have created and begin to lose power over the center of the cyclone, our present awareness. We get distracted by the good, the bad and the things we judge and analyze as right or wrong. The events happening in our lives are not the cause of more of what is happening they are the effect. How we respond to the effects happening, is working from our center and therefore can change the future. You are the cause in what is happening by where you are centering yourself. Whatever it is that you are thinking about, constantly aware of and focused upon is creating the ripple effect in your life and producing more of those things.

Sometimes in life, we just need to breathe and let go…..

It gets hard when our lives are full, you end up never centering yourself upon your own existence of who you truly are and are constantly focused on and thinking about all the hundred different things and events, good or bad, that are happening within your life, then the events in your life will be just as scattered and inconsistent. In doing this, no one thing that you desire to have, be or do is ever given the focused energy required for it to create the momentum to stay with you. It becomes a viscous cycle of ups and downs, highs and lows.
If you want something to keep being present in your life, then allow it to flow to you by giving it room in your mind, heart and life. Most of us have only stress, worry, tension, anxiety, negativity and fear in there. This creates the effects of a constant source of events that feed this state of responding in stress, worry, tension, anxiety, negativity and fear. I can’t express how important this is to grasp and understand. Everything that is effecting you in life is there to match your need to react in that state. (I go into this much more in the next book I am writing)

By understanding this, it is the key to bringing in a positive effective and change. Action that is based in fear of the effects that are currently happening that we feel a victim to, is changed to action based in awareness of now, the one stride that creates the whole picture, when the outcome is held in detachment. You become aware of the circle you are making but are centered in the stride you are in because you know that stride that you are in, is the building block for everything you desire to achieve and experience in the future. Everything you dream of is created through the stride you are in now, because it is the only stride you will ever have to work with. This is present awareness without fear or worry of what has passed or what is to come.

There is much power in presence but to do this you must first get out of your head and get in touch with your body. Stop, Breathe and Let Go….

Do the inner work of letting go of the reins on the inside first and change towards your dreams will roll at your feet.

‘How we respond to events changes the course of future events.’ Eckhart Tolle

©Catherine Louise Birmingham

Catherine Is now available to give Energy Readings and Spiritual Guidance Sessions via Phone/WhattsApp/Skype/Email! Go to Healing & Coaching with Catherine to book your session. Catherine is the Author of Ride for Life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders.

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