How and Why Horses are Helping Us Raise our Consciousness

Here is a very important interview I did recently with Julie Saillant. Julie asks the important questions about horses being in our lives and their work of raising our consciousness. It is such a powerful time of change and growth for everything on this planet right now and I hope I can provide some answers here to those that are wanting to move out of the old ways and become aligned with higher vibrating newer ways of existing together with horses and this world.

For professionals within the Equestrian industry, you are leading the way and providing examples of change. Please do not passively pass the niggling feeling that the work you are doing and how you are doing it is no longer fulfilling, that is your Soul and the horses you work with speaking directly to you.

Sending all my love and I hope you enjoy this information –


Julie Saillant and I have put together a new and love based place for growth, guidance and help with change for anyone within or outside of connections with horses. The Spiritual Café will be a private groupthat will help support and nourish people’s Spiritual Growth.

We will provide a safe, open and non-judgmental environment for self-expression and connection with others. 

We will be providing Healings, Animal Messages, Meditations, Energy Readings, and More.

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