Predictions – The Spirit Guides detailed explanation of a misunderstood phenomenon.

I recently sat down and asked my Guides about Premonitions. What are they? How do they work? Why do we need them? What are their purpose?

‘How can I make a choice?’
‘Because you didn’t come here to make the choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand Why you made it.’

The first thing they showed me was the above scene. My questions then flowed….

So Where does freewill fit into this?

Freewill is the conscious experience of the choices your Soul already made.
Remember we come here for the experience it gives us that we cannot have on any other energetic realm. This planet (although she is now vibrating higher and her ‘choices have evolved’) is still a planet of conscious choice making – helping us to understand the ‘Creation Process’.
On planet earth, Souls of all walks of life, have the chance for the painting to become the painter.

Why predictions?

Souls need guidance, that’s why they have Guides – Yes your Soul has these Guides, not the human personality. Only when you get in tune with your heart – the transmitter of the Soul – do you hear the many voices and directions your Guides provide you with.

Predictions provided help give the human self a ‘heads up’ for what it may find hard to deal with on its own.

Your Guides will only tell you what your personality needs to hear to make decisions that line up with what your Soul plans to do.

What are they? – Predictions?

(They showed me here a black background with a line going through the middle of it. This line looked like it was made up of different sized little lines of the colors red, orange, yellow and some blue.)

There is an Energetic Thread that makes up all the lives lived, living or will live. This ‘Energetic Thread’ already exists but each life lived comes and ‘experiences it’. Like a slide where each person has a different ‘experience of the slide’, in the ‘conscious present’ that the human and planet earth provides.

Do we have choice?

Yes always but you either have conscious choice or unconscious choice. (The more self aware we are the more we bring those choices into the conscious brain. It’s moving perspectives from being the chess piece to being the chess player.)

The reason why people can make predictions is because it already exists – we are just coming and experiencing it.

The human brain separates things into time – then and now and confuses the ‘placing of events’. It’s the ego self that creates separations in everything.
The ego mind creates a façade of reality – or the Energetic Thread, but it can in no way change or erase what already exists –
The Painting is Complete.

The reason there is multiple ‘possibilities’ of outcomes and events and experiences in one’s life, is because within this Energetic Thread exist multiple planet earth lifetimes, ‘parallel lives’, that you are moving in and out of. (They showed me that all of these lives – past, present, future and parallel are all happening simultaneously – at the same time. This is probably the hardest part for us to understand and grasp as it goes against the breakdowns necessary for us to exist in this world.)

The greatest question we all have is, do we have control over our lives?

The answer is yes. You always have. Since your Souls first planned this life in the Spiritual Realm. Your higher selves are constantly in control of everything happening to you in this life.
It is the perspective of the small ‘perceived’ separate ego self that is not in control – but a necessary part of the human experience.

(Here I was reminded that in order for us to exist in this realm things need to vibrate lower and with that things become separated in order for us to process them. We wouldn’t be able to function if we had access to the All and didn’t have the filter of past, present, future and ‘time’. But it is just that- a filter, not the whole of it.

“Freewill is the conscious experience of the choices your Soul already made.”

Catherine’s Guides

We all come here for the conscious experience of life, that seems random and made up, but from the experience of our higher selves, everything is planned, has purpose and order within the All.

(During the period of my life where I closed my business, gave away all my belongings and went into a period of deep meditation, the biggest and most peaceful awareness I had was that, Everything is happening for a reason and everything was perfectly ok as it was. It all had purpose and everything was perfectly fine in the end. This is hard when we are in it but looking at things standing back and from the bigger picture gives a very different understanding.)

The higher self allows through just enough light – insight, foresight and understanding – to enable the conscious experience that the human self provides the Soul.
You will be shown as much and as little is needed in order for your mind and Soul to gain growth within the One and the All. (We come here for our Souls growth and our Soul grows and evolves – yes evolves – through our emotional experiences. How you deal with, understand and move through how people, places, events and situations effect you, is the greatest life work you will ever do. The growth of one effects the other.

It all does sound a tad confusing but we assure you, it all glows like the sun through the trees of a magnificent rain forest. Eventually the ‘You’ within it all will see it too.

“The Painting is Complete.”

Catherine’s Guides

I have a lot more to add to this, mainly explanations that explain more of what I was being told and shown but I shall leave that for another article 😉 Until then please post your comments and questions and I will respond from there.

Catherine Louise Birmingham is the Author of Ride for Life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders. She previously worked Internationally as a Dressage Rider and Trainer. She is now passionate about helping heal and change the world through working with each individual who is wanting to transform their life. She is available for Intuitive Energy Readings/Spiritual Guidance Sessions online and co-hosts the Spiritual Café, a private group for those desiring Spiritual Growth. She now lives with her partner in Abruzzo, Italy where they have opened their home as the Love and Nature Healing Retreat.
A recent channeling I did with the Guides about what is coming for humanity in 2020. This is a shorter edited version – the full version can be found in The Spiritual Café.

4 Comments on “Predictions – The Spirit Guides detailed explanation of a misunderstood phenomenon.

  1. Catherine thank you so much for this extremely informative article. This makes things a lot clearer for me about free will and how that fits and works in our lives. I had a basic knowing of this but what you have shared here is GOLD..
    ‘Thank you’ to you and your beautiful guides. Hugs to you all from and mine ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • Edward this was a big help for me too! It even gave Nathan aha moments ☺️ So much around all of this challenges our beliefs so much that it will take steppingstones for many to resonate and understand this. You are already very in tune 🤗 Huge hugs to you from all of us and our Guides Edward 💚💚💚


  2. Thankyou, Catherine 💖 Between you and your guides, you have brought a deep insight and explained it beautifully. It resonates with, and confirms, recent insights some animals and Mother Earth have shared, too. Love this, thankyou, Catherine. Please thank your guides, too 💚 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh it’s always so fantastic isn’t it when we hear others having the same messages come through 🤗 Love it and looking forward to a brainstorming session together on this one and your Reiki session you did for me!!! Love you so much 💚 When I told the Guides you said thank you they nodded their heads and said we know and that they love you too 😘🙏☺️


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