A Message for Humanity

I decided to take a week off from the Internet world. I was told that during this time I would be given a Message for Humanity. I then turned my phone off for 5 days and began to sit down and ask my Guides questions. Everyday questions, questions about my life, my work, each of my children, Nathan, the animals and a lot more. One evening it came. Nathan and I were talking before bed and there it was, loud and clear…..

You Do Not Own Me

Everything. It’s a message from everything. It’s a message from the animals. It’s a message from the planet. It’s a message from US. – You Do Not Own Me. We try to own land, we try to own our children, we try to own our animals, we try to own how we are going to get money, we try to own everything. Own it, own it, own it, we try to own everything. It’s not ours. All of it. You Do Not Own me.

Deal With Your Ego Selves

Recently we had a channeling from Mother Earth in the series I am doing with Nicola Poole where I was told that the Ego Self has exploded and now we are cleaning up it’s mess. As the collective human ego self has come forth to the forefront we are allowing now space for the collective human heart self to emerge.

Maintain A Stronger Connection to Your Souls

Escapism is the modern drug and we do this through nearly everything. To avoid how we truly feel we escape through work, shopping, going out, getting on the internet and surfing it’s drug filled waves. Yes I am referring to social media as a quick fix that my Guides have likened to us being junkies wanting that next feel good or feel angry, feel sad emotional drug. The Guides are wanting us all to stay connected to our Soul Selves with going into how we are feeling and discovering what it’s messages are. To do things without stress, rushing or pushing and striving. To do things from our hearts, with time, patience, peace and joy.

Your Time Has Come To See The Human Life Differently

We are entering a new stage of consciousness and awareness. We have evolved into higher vibrating human beings and with that how we live the human life will change drastically but over a period of time. We are no longer seeing life as a drive for success and wealth but one of peace and Soul purpose. To live from our Heart selves as we dissolve the Ego self.

A Great Change and Shift Is Upon You

Our children will see through the lies. What humanity until now, followed like sheep with, what we did not question, what we believed was love, abundance, connection & success, will all be unmasked. How we define and understand those things will all be seen for their truths. The Ego’s creations will fall beneath us as we rise to higher vibrating, simpler, more profound & lighter ways of living our human existence.

Everything Is Always Growing Towards A Higher Plan

Only the Ego Self judges as good or bad, right or wrong. Understanding replaces fear and compassion assists with our growth. Everything has purpose to help us grow, change and awaken. Nothing is ultimately, at any time of existence, not meant to be.

See This and You Will Not Find Stress But Peace and Happiness

While the world makes it’s mighty changes and humanity sees the light, much of the ego self will be fighting back to maintain the old ways. Trying to resist them and fighting against them will only bring you stress. Understanding their purpose and focusing on your own life changes will bring you peace and happiness amongst the chaos around you. Everything that is going to be shifting in the world & the horrible decisions that presidents and countries are making, if you see it from the higher perspective – that it is always functioning towards a higher plan, it will no longer stress you and you will find peace and happiness through all the shifts and changes that are happening throughout the world.

The Guides then gave us a simple to do….

The Ego Wants Control – Let Go of Control

The Ego Wants Reassurance – Find Your Strength

The Ego Waits For Answers – Find Your Own

The ego needs to be told that everything is going to be ok, this is what’s happening, that you are being a good person or have reassurance that it is doing things right. Finding your strength in that is standing with your roots deep in the earth. Knowing who you are, letting go of self judgment and loving all of it. Stop waiting for others to tell you what to do. Find your answers from within. Listen and trust yourself. Find your own strength. Find that security in yourself. The ego is always doubting, it’s always afraid or it’s always trying to control. Make mistakes. Don’t try and control everything wanting perfection from your bodies to your homes, jobs, businesses, emotions and thoughts.

The Ego Wishes To Be You – Be Your God Self

The Ego Wills For Power – Be Gentle and Let Go

The Ego Will Destroy You – Your Only Growth Now Is To Allow The Flow

We all place our trust in an external God whereas the God energy that flows throughout all of life flows through you too. We are all aspects of God. We are not separate from that. The Ego lives through the separations the mind makes. It believes it is separate to everything and everyone and wants to live its separate identity as ‘You’, destroying all that you truly are.
Remember Who You Are. You are all of life itself both seen and unseen. You are God. It is time to no longer place responsibility for your happiness, your strength, your security and your health on the world around you but to find your strength within you and stop trying to control it all. Life flows like a river and you go with it easiest when you let go.

We Assist You All

Most of these changes to how we exist with ourselves, each other and the world around us, can be very radical for many. Growth takes place over time as the new seeds emerge, after the fires of awareness have cleared through our old belief systems.
A message my Guides once gave me explained how much assistance we truly do have while living this human life. They told me that ‘we assist you with everything. Your children, your partner, your life, your entire existence. You see we live your life in the Spiritual Realm through you. Your existence enables ours. You are born and raised by our energies and light waves of love. We agree to live through you. We are doing this life, literally, together.’

You are never alone…

From your Guides,
Catherine, Utopia and the All.

Catherine Louise Birmingham
Always a lover of horses, a seeker of truth and the Intuitive light. Catherine began with a passionate riding career that took her across the world. 
After two major life challenges that kept her on the Spiritual path, Catherine now works with her Guides to help others find clarity on their life plans, growths and purpose. Helping individuals and all of life itself, unfold their Souls calling and bring a planned change in awareness to the people of this world.
Catherine works as an Intuitive Healer, Writer, Equestrian & Life Guider and is the author of Ride for Life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders. You can make a booking for any Reading or Sessions here – 

2 thoughts on “A Message for Humanity

  1. Well said Catherine, were you talking about me ??hahaha or is direct it to me?? Just kidding I’m doing well , hope you guys are doing fine after this wake up call, stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh Pepe, always in our hearts! Hehehe you will be surprised how many people feel this is directed straight towards them. Yes all really well, safe and happy at home. Don’t you dare forget your Soul’s purpose Pepe. The world is going to need you 😉
      Sending all our hugs,
      Catherine and the tribe xoxox


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