Speaking With Humanity

There is one common thing that is expressed from those who have Near Death Experiences or those who have done the challenging inner growth of Enlightenment – They come back knowing that Everything is happening for a reason and that your life that you are living, is very important to be lived exactly as you are.
I felt this so strong during my own awakening period and wrote it in a book called, Just Be You – Transformation and The Gift of Fear. But the truth of everyone who has gone to the ‘other side’, coming back and applying that awareness, keeping that inner peace and using it in our current world, our daily lives and the challenging changes happening around us, is not as easy as when we have removed ourselves from society and daily life. For me the greatest test of what I had learnt was not re-entering the horse world and it’s many fearful, ego based control systems but Motherhood, sleep deprivation and balancing my own work desires.

This came to me when my dear friend Nicola said she would be speaking to the Turtle Realm. They asked if I had any questions for them? They came back to remind both her and I that, ‘we can also speak with Humanities Realm for clarity on our life too. An easy oversight’.
So I sat down to ask a few questions to Humanities Higher Self – Our Collective Consciousness.

What do they want us to know?…

You chose the hardest of all incarnations. Fraught with challenges and emotional growth.

Why have we done this?


Your Soul is only part of a greater All. It still disconnects you from the greater true Self.
We all in some way or form have separated from this, in order to gain clarity on who we are.

Why do this? Why does the All want to experience itself?

Why not. Would you want to sleep through your whole life or wake up and be conscious and present for it?

Why isn’t the All already conscious of itself?

Do not let words define you. Only feeling and experience what you are. The All does this through everything that exists and doesn’t exist.

What is the All? Where did it come from?

You are looking for the great answers. Ones we can not yet provide for you.

Why not?

Your people are not ready to hear what their hearts are not capable of believing.
They will use it for personal gain and not the growth and will of the All.

I am finding this all to be hard to understand as though there is something huge and obvious right in front of me and I am just not seeing it.

Utopia holding Mr Cuddles

Step aside for a minute and let your heart begin to look. What does it see?

Be patient with yourselves and be patient with Humanities unfoldment and growth. Each of you have agreed to the extremes in Soul work.

Each life lived has great importance for us all.
Be true to yourself and the life you have come here to live.

All is One growth. All is beautiful seen from afar. But you can’t see this and this is why you all stumble and fall. Stand back and know that all is working for a masterpiece you will never know from your earthly human life.

Ultimately what our Higher Selves want to remind us, is that we have all agreed to come and live these challenging, difficult and often painful human lives, knowing full well, that from our human selves, we would never see the great beauty we are creating, while doing so.

Catherine Louise Birmingham
Always a lover of horses, a seeker of truth and the Intuitive light. Catherine began with a passionate riding career that took her across the world. 
After two major life challenges that kept her on the Spiritual path, Catherine now works with her Guides to help others find clarity on their life plans, growths and purpose. Helping individuals and all of life itself, unfold their Souls calling and bring a planned change in awareness to the people of this world.
Catherine works as an Intuitive Energy Healer, Equestrian & Life Guider and is the author of Ride for life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders. You can make a booking for any Reading or Sessions here – Healing & Coaching

2 thoughts on “Speaking With Humanity

  1. Beautiful insight that gives clarity and simplicity in our journey that’s full of questions and unsurity to just be who we are.
    Thank you Catherine 🙏❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sending you huge amounts of love, hugs, light and cuddles from the kids!
      We have work to do my dear Soul brother…
      All my love,


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