What Is Happening?

On the evening before the New Year of 2020 arriving, I sat down and asked my Guides what will be coming for Humanity. There were two major points that they wanted to bring to light. One was that ‘Life will be different for many’ and that ‘On a collective most people will be waking up. We are doing it together although it may seem on the outside that we do it alone.’

One of the greatest awakeners we have in life is going within. Not escaping how we truly are feeling and avoiding the truths of our own life and how we are living it. The year of lockdowns and people choosing to stay at home, to help hospitals do their ever needed work and save the lives of those vulnerable to illness, has brought the world to it’s knees. People although seeming isolated and alone, are together, coming to see the truth of their own pain and that of this planets and the way we all live.

You will notice now that society and the way we all live life is deeply flawed.

What we see as important in life, how we treat this planet, our cohabiters, each other and ourselves. All of it, is coming to light and is being reassessed.

What is important for the human self will be understood now, that it is the same for the Spiritual self.

Self awareness, self reflection, nature, clean water, food that is grown organically, peace, freedom, love, community with the ability to live and share our purpose in life, living in harmony with this planet and no longer living off the abuse of animals, fish, forests, water systems and the land.

The way we define success, happiness, abundance and freedom, will all have complete shifts that will take place. Each one of these is currently being driven and used for our ego’s needs and desires. Distorting and draining their truths, teachings, care and provisions for everyone.

The older way of living, that has been built over time from the ego self, will be replaced with a new frame of existence that will be built from our Soul self. Decisions will no longer be made by the mind but by the heart.

Compassion, Empathy, Integrity, Respect and Truth will replace Greed, Ignorance, Abuse, Force and Lies. Insecurity and Manipulation will be seen for what it is.

All the money and all the power in the world will not save you from climate change, disease, natural disasters and death itself.

We each have our own very precious and very important awakening and shifts to make. These won’t be skipped. They are the powerful growth paths of the human life.

It’s time for us to recognise the intimate connection and relationship we have with planet Earth and all that exists on her. To no longer separate ourselves from the very thing that gives us the ability to live a human life. Sustaining us and our inner and outer growth, enabling us to thrive.

In order for the old model and system to dissolve, the fears that hold them into place need to be faced.

The more love based traits that stem from the Soul, first take form and grow within us, just as a plant forms its roots deep underground. We will develop the Soul traits for ourselves first; Compassion, Empathy, Forgiveness, Understanding, Strength, Respect and Love. As they grow they overflow, like a tree, onto life outside of us.

You will learn to stop controlling your life and begin to align with it.

Aligning with life starts when you align with yourself. Not every day has strength and speed. Not every day has happiness and peace. You will come to see that your tree bears the fruit of life but your whole life you have been told you must bear money. How can you find happiness in who you are when you are taught that survival and to have love, is to be who you are not?

Self love is our Souls highest attribute.

Begin there…

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Catherine Louise Birmingham
Always a lover of horses, a seeker of truth and the Intuitive light. Catherine began with a passionate riding career that took her across the world. 
After two major life challenges that kept her on the Spiritual path, Catherine now works with her Guides to help others find clarity on their life plans, growths and purpose. Helping individuals and all of life itself, unfold their Souls calling and bring a planned change in awareness to the people of this world.
Catherine works as an Intuitive Energy Healer, Equestrian & Life Guider and is the author of Ride for life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders. You can make a booking for any Reading or Sessions here – 

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