The little messages that mean big things

Steven. She was standing there with her black wavy hair, showing me with her arm stretched out, the ‘class room’ of children she had sitting there. The beautiful proud smile on her face was the message to show him what she was now doing in the Spirit form. She then came to this man and putting her hands on his shoulders she gave him a kiss on his forehead.

This was strange for me, because generally a husband and wife who had a very strong bond and love would not kiss each other in this way. As I spoke what I was seeing I could hear the tears pouring from his heart. In his own words he explained that before she passed she was in the hospital hooked up to life support machines. She had breathing tubes in her mouth and after they turned off the machines, he lent over her bed, put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead. He also explained that while living she was a teacher – for young school kids.

Catherine first started teaching her knowledge of riding when she was 16, as her experience grew so did the many riders and horses from all over the world. But so did the many messages for people from the Guides…

People that have passed

Phone call – ‘Can you speak to people who have passed?’ she asked. I had only just started doing the Energy Readings and this was the first time someone had specifically asked to speak with someone who had passed, before this, I only did if they themselves showed up in a reading. I said I am not sure if they will come through but I will ask. She gave me their name and immediately there showed up a young man, I described what he looked like and that my Guides said he was a friend but I had this very strong feeling of him as a brother. She said he was her brothers friend but was so close with the whole family that he was like her own brother. ‘How did he do it?’ She asked. Without warning, he showed me very graphically him hanging himself. With tears she confirmed ‘yes that is how he did it’. He explained to her why he left this way and many other things she needed to hear but the most pressing thing he kept showing me throughout the entire reading was a blue T-shirt and asking if they had the blue T-shirt. At the very end before we hung up she quickly said to me ‘Yes! We have the blue T-shirt!’

Phone call – Just give me his name I asked. I described the man I saw. He is showing me a fast car going past. ‘That’s how he died.’ She said. ‘He was hit by a car.’

Laura – It had been a while since she had seen him and was concerned when and if he would ever come back to her. ‘He is coming to you but with nothing, no material belongings. He has a lot of light around him, I think he may have passed Laura.’ I was unsure of this and was then told by the Guides, no he is coming to her alive. Three days after he did come to her home for a very short visit, alive, he then passed over into spirit.

Body Parts

Jane. I was shown her feet! Then a pair of boots on them. I was told the boots don’t fit and it’s a symbolism that the job you are doing doesn’t ‘fit’ you. She laughed and said she had started a new job and a week ago she had bought new boots for it. They had been hurting her feet and she had sore feet. The job was bringing some unhappiness too…but that came out a bit later.

Catherine is able to provide Healing and Energy Readings for people all over the world.

Angela. I can see your hands and they have red nail polish on. You aren’t ‘using your hands’ at the moment, you need to keep ‘using’ your hands. ‘Catherine’ she said, ‘I usually do a lot of energy work with my hands, on my animals but haven’t done it for a while and the moment you saw my hands I was chewing on my nails. I bite them until they bleed.’

In another reading with Angela, at one point I said a dog has just come in view, she is light brown and is looking at you on your right side. She said, ‘Catherine, open your eyes’, there in view on the right side of her face was her dog staring at her, a red healer, with no important message except to ensure I tell her to get the treat out of the fridge when we are finished.

I am often shown body parts or drawn to certain areas to give healing or messages about certain parts of their body. This tends to happen in the longer Readings where I have more time to do a more detailed scan of their Energy. I once was drawn so strong to a woman’s ‘ovaries’ but only saw this blank space, filled with a white light. She later said she had a hysterectomy (a surgical removal of the entire uterus) many years ago…

The Guides will tell us what we need to hear

I remember having a reading with a visiting lady from Russia in 2005. Amongst the many things that gave me clarity on where and how to move forward with my life, she also advised that the man I was with was not the right one for me and the right man did exist and I would meet him. She explained that I would have a child with him and described him right down to the color of his hair – light brown with blond tips. She never looked at me and vigorously wrote on a paper while her translator relayed everything she was saying.

She never told me that it would be another 11 years before I would meet this ‘right man’ nor that his hair would be shaved to a centimeter from his scalp that I never saw his blond tips grow until after we were together. But I heard what I needed to hear at the time and that was to not keep pursuing my future with this toxic relationship because the right man for me was out there. It freed me from that man to move forward and do years of learning about self love, self respect, boundaries and be ready for when I did finally meet the ‘right man’.

The Swamigi I spent some time with during my time spent in Malaysia, told me to go back to a man that I had seen all the red flags with and told me that he would be ok and to offer him understanding. This near year long relationship that took me through 3 countries, a lot of emotional crap, hospital and a beginning of serious abuse, also brought me back down into my emotions, changed a lifelong belief about love and healed me allowing for the relationship of the ‘right man’ and the children I had longed for my whole life. If he had told me of the challenging relationship and life I would have to go through with this man, of many red flags, I would have NOT gone back to be with him again and missed out on the experiences and growths needed to allow for my dream to enter my life.

Nathan & I walked our dogs together every morning for 8 months before telling me how he felt.

The greatest example of us being told what we need to hear was when Nathan and I went to see a healer in Bali. His name was Wiena Sutana. Nathan and I were still just friends and because of his closed energy I never sensed any feelings towards me from him. This healer was spot on with everything he was saying and guiding me with, right down to ending my horse training work and becoming a healer just like him, even though I already had plans in place to move to Italy to restart my equestrian work again after a year off in Bali. He even said for me not to worry about having a child and being able to support it because ‘everyone will be bringing you things’. We have bought two things for our 3 children – reusable nappies and two biodegradable potties. Everything from cots to sheets to toys to clothes, everything has been dropped off to our front door by the people living in this amazing town.
What then struck me as strange, was when I asked the healer if he could help my friend (Nathan) to see where he would find the ‘right’ woman for him. After asking his Spirit Guides, he said ‘You both are no good for each other’. This shocked Nathan and the look on his face said everything. That night I asked him why he disagreed with the healer? The next day he told me that he loved me and the beginning our our life together began. Without that push from the Healer he would not have told me at that time how he felt. He had been holding it in for months and I was to leave for Italy in just 2 months time.

Our inner GPS – Guides Positioning Spirit

I don’t often get feedback or confirmation about things that have been said through Readings but the few things that do make it to me or come through in a reading, have helped me to understand that the Guidance we each have at hand, with our very own Spirit Guides, is such a beautiful part of the difficult journey so many of us take in living this human life.

Sometimes when I am doing a Reading for someone I see and feel a lot of pain around a situation they may be in but also see the purpose behind it for them. Although it is very hard for them to see it at the time, it is important that they get the message they are needing to hear at that time of their life, to help them move forward with the lessons and experiences and healing their soul came here this lifetime to live. Even if it arrives in their life many, many years later, they have the power and awareness to move forward and make changes in their lives that are needed now.

Everyone has Guides. Everyone. Some more than others but all our Souls are guided by these Guides and the information that is needed for the personality to have clarity, foresight, healing or direction in the times of their life that they are needing it, will always get through to them someway or form. People like me, will somehow be connected to them to hear the messages they need to hear, to make the changes needed, that are in alignment with their higher selves. Sometimes, even when it is someone who already has an active connection and communication with their own Guides and Spirit.

Having an Energy Reading/Life Guidance Session

When people come to me for Readings or guidance I ask to please keep all of your information to yourself until after the reading. I also do the reading with my eyes closed to allow them the space to process what is being said privately as well as to not be distracted by anything they may do. I also don’t remember all of the readings, the same as I never remembered all of the many hundreds of people and horses I had the honor of working with over the years. Sometimes though, there just seem to be things that stick with me and I am grateful to be a part of people’s truly amazing lives…

If you have ever had a reading with me or anyone else, every now and then when you are feeling a little stuck or lost in life, sit down and watch or read it again. It will often have the hidden messages you need to hear right now. I have done this numerous times with readings done for me from others in the past or conversations I have written down from my own Guides. The insight can move mountains!

Always all my love, light and gratitude is being sent to you,


*There will be a follow up article on the subject of receiving future predictions that arise in Energy Readings with the Guides and I. You can follow my website if you would like to know when future articles are published or I put them in my monthly newsletter.
**All of the names in this article have been changed from their real ones. All of the examples of peoples readings that I have access to, have been given permission to share.

Always a lover of horses, a seeker of truth and the Intuitive light. Catherine began with a passionate riding career that took her across the world. 
After two major life challenges that kept her on the Spiritual path, Catherine now works with her Guides to help others find clarity on their life plans, growths and purpose. Helping individuals and all of life itself, unfold their Souls calling and bring a planned change in awareness to the people of this world.
Catherine works as an Intuitive Energy Healer, Equestrian & Life Guider and is the author of Ride for life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders. You can make a booking for any Reading or Sessions here.

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