Bringing Lee Home

Some of you will already know my horse, Soul mate and friend over the last 16 years – Lee (Llanavar Lieber) He walked into my life with a student. I had just returned to Australia because my father was sick with cancer. A lady rang me to ask if I could help her daughter with their new horse. Her words were ‘We just bought a young warmblood from the stud and I think we need some help.’ Annette and her daughter Jessica have to this day become people I trust and know. Lee always brings together the people that need to know each other, just as his soul brother Mr William did! I remember the very first time I walked into the indoor and saw him being ridden around with Jess, I felt love at first sight for the first time in my life and never have since. I had seen a lot of horses by this time and some very well bred, trained and cared for ones but when I saw Lee I saw his light. I had never reacted the same way as I did when meeting Lee until then or ever again. 

As time went on I eventually bought him from Jessica and her mother, they had been students with me since that phone call and Jess was moving into her own special new life of her career as a Jockey rider. 
Lee was and is the first and only horse I have every ‘owned’. Knowing now the many lives we have spent together and that it is his desire to join us again, I have been compelled to now take action with raising funds to have him flown home, to his family here with myself, Nathan, the children and all of the entire funny farm animals!

Below is the link to a fundraising campaign I have put together to raise the funds needed for an April flight this year! If you can be a part in any way at all by a donation or sharing this, please know everything makes a difference.

Lee is only 23 and is extremely good health with no problems. He himself has tuned in with me and my dear animal communicator friend that he is ready and wants to go.

Sue from EIAF has reassured that they have flown multiple horses over the age of 25 with no problems and they have recovered and been fine on arrival.

As someone who has worked with expats in foreign countries all over the world, that have had their beloved horses flown to and back to their home countries without problems or concerns, I am really grateful to the people who have seen the light, the opportunity and the joy of us all being reconnected and Lee getting to spend out his many older years with his family.

Any amount you are able to add to this will be going towards giving this very special horse his wish and ours, of being part of our family again. He has helped countless people with not only their riding growth but their mental, emotional and spiritual growth and over the years has touched the lives of everyone who knew him.

Anything is felt,
Everything is appreciated,
Sharing this will be the same as a donation.

Thank you to everyone who has known Lee over the years, your love, care and support were felt by us both and I know he sends his love to you all!!

‘Thank you for bringing me home to my family.’


Donate Here

If you wanted to help with our costs without the extra charge from MyCause you can donate directly to us from PayPal here –

Thank you all for being a part of his life in some way in the past, present and now the future!

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