The Year A New World is Born

It’s been a challenging time for all of life on beautiful Mother Earth and the life that humanity has built within her, has not been an exception!

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Bringing Lee Home

Some of you will already know my horse, Soul mate and friend over the last 16 years – Lee (Llanavar Lieber) He walked into my life with a student. I had just returned to Australia because my father was sick with cancer. A lady rang me to ask if I could help her daughter with their new horse. Her words were ‘We just bought a young warmblood from the stud and I think we need some help.’ Annette and her daughter Jessica have to this day become people I trust and know. Lee always brings together the people that need to know each other, just as his soul brother Mr William did! I remember the very first time I walked into the indoor and saw him being ridden around with Jess, I felt love at first sight for the first time in my life and never have since. I had seen a lot of horses by this time and some very well bred, trained and cared for ones but when I saw Lee I saw his light. I had never reacted the same way as I did when meeting Lee until then or ever again. 

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Our Human Gift

I remember having a a very vivid experience when I was young, where I ‘remembered’ the times I was alive in this lifetime. The way life would become on planet earth, how society would exist, the freedoms gone, the wildlife and the destruction of nature. I a remember so clearly saying to Spirit/Guides (at the time I didn’t know they were my Guides) ‘NO you brought me back at the wrong time! I don’t like it here, I don’t want to be here now.’ This was a panicked feeling as well as an anger about the times we are all in now and that I would have to live through them. I had this awareness during the 80’s so a lot of what we are going through today was very unimaginable to a young child under the age of 10.

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The little messages that mean big things

Steven. She was standing there with her black wavy hair, showing me with her arm stretched out, the ‘class room’ of children she had sitting there. The beautiful proud smile on her face was the message to show him what she was now doing in the Spirit form. She then came to this man and putting her hands on his shoulders she gave him a kiss on his forehead.

This was strange for me, because generally a husband and wife who had a very strong bond and love would not kiss each other in this way. As I spoke what I was seeing I could hear the tears pouring from his heart. In his own words he explained that before she passed she was in the hospital hooked up to life support machines. She had breathing tubes in her mouth and after they turned off the machines, he lent over her bed, put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead. He also explained that while living she was a teacher – for young school kids.

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Why we are All NOT meant to be going back to ‘Normal’

Me, Utopia Rose, Twins – Bluebell & Galorian

I got sick recently. For a long time since the birth of the twins, I have been waiting for ‘me’ to go back to normal. To not be angry all the time, to have time for myself, Nathan, my work and each of our 3 children. I kept putting it off and powering through each day, telling myself that when the kids get older I’ll have time to recover, I’ll have time to heal and regenerate lost brain cells from over 3 years of little to no sleep. But I got sick.

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The Key To Enlightenment

With An Awakening time of life on this planet, the question arises what is going to happen? This video focuses on answering the question of why we have the Human Struggle and What Enlightenment really is, why we eventually experience it, it’s part within an awakening time and it’s purpose within the Human life.

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What Is Happening?

On the evening before the New Year of 2020 arriving, I sat down and asked my Guides what will be coming for Humanity. There were two major points that they wanted to bring to light. One was that ‘Life will be different for many’ and that ‘On a collective most people will be waking up. We are doing it together although it may seem on the outside that we do it alone.’

One of the greatest awakeners we have in life is going within. Not escaping how we truly are feeling and avoiding the truths of our own life and how we are living it. The year of lockdowns and people choosing to stay at home, to help hospitals do their ever needed work and save the lives of those vulnerable to illness, has brought the world to it’s knees. People although seeming isolated and alone, are together, coming to see the truth of their own pain and that of this planets and the way we all live.

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Speaking With Humanity

There is one common thing that is expressed from those who have Near Death Experiences or those who have done the challenging inner growth of Enlightenment – They come back knowing that Everything is happening for a reason and that your life that you are living, is very important to be lived exactly as you are.
I felt this so strong during my own awakening period and wrote it in a book called, Just Be You – Transformation and The Gift of Fear. But the truth of everyone who has gone to the ‘other side’, coming back and applying that awareness, keeping that inner peace and using it in our current world, our daily lives and the challenging changes happening around us, is not as easy as when we have removed ourselves from society and daily life. For me the greatest test of what I had learnt was not re-entering the horse world and it’s many fearful, ego based control systems but Motherhood, sleep deprivation and balancing my own work desires.

This came to me when my dear friend Nicola said she would be speaking to the Turtle Realm. They asked if I had any questions for them? They came back to remind both her and I that, ‘we can also speak with Humanities Realm for clarity on our life too. An easy oversight’.
So I sat down to ask a few questions to Humanities Higher Self – Our Collective Consciousness.

What do they want us to know?…

You chose the hardest of all incarnations. Fraught with challenges and emotional growth.

Why have we done this?

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Us vs Them

I am hearing it and seeing it often, that there is a hatred for what the Trump Presidency is doing by creating division amongst people of race, color, poor or rich. Bringing with it a hatred and separation that is building anger and violence from all levels of our systems.

This may be true but aren’t those of us that feel the same hatred and ‘difference’ towards those who divide and conquer and the actions spilling forth from their reign in power, not doing the same?

I have succumbed to this myself at times, with a hatred towards the purposeful destruction of our beautiful home – Mother Earth. But my Guides made one thing very clear to me last night while meditating. Aren’t we doing the same?

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A Message for Humanity

I decided to take a week off from the Internet world. I was told that during this time I would be given a Message for Humanity. I then turned my phone off for 5 days and began to sit down and ask my Guides questions. Everyday questions, questions about my life, my work, each of my children, Nathan, the animals and a lot more. One evening it came. Nathan and I were talking before bed and there it was, loud and clear…..

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