Sundays Seminar

Enlightened Riding Seminar 2nd March '14' Vic
Enlightened Riding Seminar 2nd March ’14’ Vic

The third Enlightened Riding Seminar and evolving each time. Thank you for all who came it is nothing without you.

Thank you to Jan and Frank from Stoneleigh Equestrian Centre, for their hospitality and always friendly and supportive nature. To Jillian Drew for another beautiful lunch and again bringing people together for the day. I really enjoyed speaking to you all 🙂

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The Role of a Teacher


The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, merely a symbol of what each of us become through the growth challenges of life. Catherine Louise Birmingham
The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, merely a symbol of what each of us become through the growth challenges of life. Catherine Louise Birmingham

The horse first teachers us to be the leader of them to help us become the leader of our mind. To focus the mind, to create, not to be the victim of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

They are the doorway that they carry us through to change our state of awareness.

Wolfgang Kutting, a brilliant rider that has a profound connection to horses in the art of Dressage, describes this unity of a teacher with a horse in a beautiful way. In a translation ‘Horse and Trainer see as one’. Both horse and trainer tune together as one to work in enlightening the rider.

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Mirror Theory

Mirror Theory

Article by Catherine Louise Birmingham

thank you crystalAfter Masaru Emoto’s discoveries of the effect of thought on water, it is now known just how powerful our thinking is and how connected we are to the horses being while riding.

The concept of ‘the horse is a mirror image of the rider’, is the horses way of showing us just how much effect our thoughts have over our life and over the situations we have at each moment. Because there is more than one reason for our current thoughts – mind, body and spirit, history and experiences/influences of this life and others or current state of awareness, the mirroring of what is, is only one aspect and stage of awareness that horses are assisting us in moving into and moving through.
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Awareness and words from a mother and life coach

Recently I was given these words from the mother of a special young lady and although the mastery she talks of must come from mastering yourself and only then will the horse understand you, she speaks of the connection of riding and our lives that is well worth reading……

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Understanding Fear Part One

Understanding Fear

Part One

Article by Catherine Louise Birmingham

Landetta June 2015Picture yourself standing in front of a solid brick wall, now push against it as hard as you can. Now imagine every morning when you wake up start pushing against this wall, keep pushing until the end of the day and return to bed. The next morning wake up again and start pushing against this wall all day then sleep again at night. Everyday wake up and spend the day pushing this wall. How long do you think you could do this for?

Do you think you would get tired? Maybe your body might get fatigued or stressed? Would you be happy? Would you become angry or frustrated? Would you feel helpless and sad?

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Understanding Fear Part Two – Awareness Creates Change

lee me quoteWe cannot change the outer experience until we change the inner experience.

Everyone on this planet has freewill. It is our freedom to choose how we respond and experience something, but until we are aware of how we are responding to something we cannot be in the driver’s seat to go where we want to go. Continue reading “Understanding Fear Part Two – Awareness Creates Change”

The Power of Your Body

Article written by Catherine Louise Birmingham

You cannot think your way out of riding you can only feel your way into it.

In Ride for Life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders, I mentioned a wonderful analogy from Norman Vincent Peale, here he say’s that ‘A cyclone derives its power from a calm centre’.
The clarity and power of focus that a developed rider has is the same clarity and power of focus that a Zen Buddhist monk has. Both are created from within and both require training and mastered awareness, this is attainable through disciplined riding.

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Embracing Change

charles darwin change

Although we understand the seasons changing we find it almost impossible to understand change happening within our own lives. Do you know why your horse is changing? Do you know what it is you are changing him into?

Many of us are afraid of change because we are comfortable with where we are and change requires stepping into the unknown and letting go of control.
Both are fear based and we only fear what we do not understand.

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Discovering Yourself

IMG_5834_untitled_Each and every single one of us has the potential already within us to become all that we truly desire to be.

If you want to find out who you currently are and what you have it in you to be, observe your character while you are riding.

Your horse will reveal you to yourself. It is easy to hold our thoughts, concerns, anger self doubt and frustrations hidden away inside, but when we are faced with our ride, the communication and connection will always bring out all that is within us and reveal us to our true self. Your horses’ actions are a reflection of Who You Are. You cannot hide from it and it will always speak the truth. It brings out the best and the worst in us and allows for us to choose who we want to be. Continue reading “Discovering Yourself”