Inspirational Quotes

Below are some quotes taken from various articles and books I have written and some are simply inspirational messages that have come to me at random times during the day or night. Please feel free to share these. Their messages are there to help, heal and inspire change in this world. Thank you for taking the time to read through these, I give them to you with my whole entire heart and love. May we bring a ray of sunshine to an individuals life and maybe together, we can light up the whole world.

Liza quote respect and loveCatherine and Lee quote

Inner light

Soul to Soul








fears freedom lee

Just Be You quoteJust Be You quote 2








Transformation 2

Growth quote

CLB Harmony quoteCavallincarecere Asom Bollate




Catherine & Milo Quote


inner fears

growth courage


heart to heart


love strength Perspective Truth young boys future

loves pull

Limitations quote


lee back quote

Don't wait for a miracle


© Catherine Louise Birmingham

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