Ride for Life; The Three Golden Principles for Riders

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‘The profound words found inside are both inspirational and thought-provoking for horsemen and women of any level.
In an ideal world, the essential principles Catherine writes about would be discussed with all novice riders before they even put their foot in the stirrup. In this world all riders would value compassion, patience and understanding over dominance and control.
This book discusses the importance of a respectful willing partnership and conscious thought with our horses.
Thank you Catherine. I read the whole book in one sitting. That was how much I enjoyed it.’
Jessica Morton from Equestrianwriter


‘I relished Ride For Life, which was as warm, wise and wonderful as expected. Thank you.’
Julie Dingley, UK


‘In September 2009 I was on a trip to Australia where I was invited to give a Masterclass in dressage. During my stay I had the pleasure of meeting author Catherine Louise Birmingham…… Several times I experienced while reading the book that what my coaches told me about mental preparation for training and competitions, was something Catherine also was dealing with. And the attitude to training and competition, as she expresses
it, also fit many other aspects of life……..It is a book that gives you something to think about. A book that gives you some options that you can use in any given situation in your life. And it need not merely to be in the training of horses. It is also a book that you can enjoy to read and use in other aspects of life. Whether you work with horses or people in a barn or in an office, the relations are the same.’
Princess Nathalie, Denmark (Full forword featured in the Danish edition: Ride for Life; De tre gyldne principper for ryttere)


Mindi & Will's 3
Mindi Abel and Weltwizard – Clinic with Catherine 2014

Catherine Birmingham is an inspiration – as a rider, a trainer & a person.  Wills & I are so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience her classically correct, clear and consistent methods for horse and rider training.  We are testimony to the benefits of training with and within such a professional environment. Her book “Ride For Life” – which has become my “bible” – is a wonderful “street directory” for the ever-evolving journey through life as a rider…. Thank you Catherine!’
Mindi & Wills (Weltwizard) Australia


‘Ride for Life’ written by Catherine Louise Birmingham is in par with her training… inspirational, structured and confidence boosting. Catherine’s words bring purpose towards your riding goals.
Brya Law, Australia


Nadia Hastarini
‘It’s an inspiration” Nadia Hastarini, Indonesia

‘Reading this book, simply reminds you of what you already know, it feels good to read it!!!’ Pernilla Hogg, Australia


‘I finished the book last week and I must say it really helps! Last weekend I had a competition and in the beginning of the test my horse was afraid of all the flowers etc. And I thought: every stride counts and focus on how I want him to go NOW, not how he just went past those flowers. And surprise surprise… I won 🙂 Good work! So thank you for the very useful tips through the book 😉    Regards Ellen,’ Holland


An amazing rider, World class Dressage Judge & dear Soul friend of mine, Wolfgang Kutting and his beautiful family can be found at WK Dressage.

‘An inspirational book which has not only been the catalyst for positive changes in my approach to my riding, but has impacted significantly on my attitude to all aspects of my life.’
Liz Batliwalla, Australia


‘I got your book as a present from a student of mine what a gift I have read it about 10 times and use it in all my teaching of dressage riders. Just wonderfull to share the way of thinking of horses . Its like all the things in my mind you put in a book. Thank you for this amazing book. I used to be on the national team in dressage as a young rider also with prinsess Nathalie, I hope you come to Denmark I would so much like to meet you. From a big fan of yours’.
Betina Sorensen, Denmark


by Catherine Louise Birmingham
First Edition, Hardcover 2008

Ride For Life – The Three Golden Principles for Riders
Price per unit $29.95 plus Postage & Handling.

Written by Catherine Louise Birmingham.

Educational and motivational – this book can help any rider or athlete build confidence, resilience, and gain better understanding of what really constitutes success. With a personal foreword by Princess Nathalie of Denmark and testimonials from Olympic riders, this book is as regal as its fans.
It comes beautifully signed with a personal message, wrapped and sealed. It makes for a beautiful gift for anyone wanting to change their lives.

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“This morning I received the book Riding for Life. I just finished reading it. Thanks for the reminder given. I fully agree with the content. Whenever I mount, I enjoy every moment, of every single movement that thanks to the horse through my body, helping to perceive with greater precision. They are fully present and focused with the firm aim of obtaining the construction of a small step forward, fully aware that major projects / dreams are made only by the achievement of innumerable little daily goals. Building my projects with young horses has taught me to be patient and to be happy with the small daily successes. Just so I came to obtaining my results. This has helped me in life to face the necessary change in me to be able to live with the disease. Do not focus on the long-term final project newspaper, focusing instead on the objective need to achieve it, it helps me not to be afraid of not being able to get to the realization of my sports projects and life. Thank you for giving me this beautiful reading for my birthday! It helped me to remember..”
Sara Morganti, Dressage Paralympic Champion. Italy.


‘This is a great help for riders who have experience in riding and who make no progress any more or are already in trouble. The most riders and also young instructors, are busy to rise in the level of riding and focus too much on the technic of riding. This is also an important part of riding that you knows how and why you ride the exercises in dressage and jumping and also in other disciplines.
Then there comes a moment that you make no progress.
What is the next step?
Analyze and be honest that the problem can be between the ears of the rider and is not in the horse. Try to realize the power of the mind can be an important part of the progress.
If you have confidence and a good belief in yourself the power can be positive but at the other hand if you have problems with focusing and feeling yourself, it works against you.
Self-discipline is how to master my mind and how quick can I change my mind.
This book is a good start for how to analyze myself about focus and feeling.
Just what you describe in the cyclone of impressions and you don’t know what you can feel, you never feels the good things.
Bring the riders back to what happens today, not what happens yesterday or may be tomorrow, only what happens now.
The power of now is important so you cannot change the situation but with the power of the mind you can change your perceptions.
Believe in yourself and in possibilities.’
Peter Strijbosch, Docent Paardensport, coördinator internationalisering.
Teacher Equinesports, Co-ordinator internationalization. NHB Deurne, Holland.


‘Catherine Louise Birmingham is an internationally acclaimed dressage rider and trainer, her career spans Germany, Japan, and Australia. Accredited from The Australian Equine Behavior Centre and trained by Pferdewirtschaftmeister Gold FN Josef Freese in Germany, her expertise in horsemanship is recognised and respected around the globe. Catherine has appeared on ‘Horse Sense Episode 7 with Amanda Edwards’ (Australia), Danish horse magazine ‘Ridehesten’ and ‘Unconventional Athletes Magazine’ (England). Catherine is a world class teacher and pioneer in both human and animal behavior.’ Barker & Deane Publishers Australia.

18 thoughts on “Ride for Life; The Three Golden Principles for Riders

  1. This is one of the best and awesome book that help everyone about horse riding. And Catherine you is the super author. Miss you so much. Hope to see you again soon.


  2. Awesome book with simple but profound truths in them. I am using the golden rules in my life coaching work and bringing up my child! Looking forward to your next book.

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  3. What a great read. I don’t ride myself but found the book so relevant to everyday living… I have picked up some “golden nuggets” to help improve my resilience. Many thanks Catherine for your insights. Lots of love Janet

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