Enlightened Riding Seminar

Catherine together with Wolfgang Kutting for their joint seminar in Neuwied, Germany.

‘Riding, just like ancient forms of martial arts, is a complete mastery of awareness and power in every aspect of living our lives. Business, relationships, life purpose, health and happiness.
When you are working with horses (all animals really) they are helping you understand more about yourself. With self-introspection we unlock powers that expand far beyond our five senses.
It is in the power of looking within at yourself that you will see the reasons, the meanings, the way forward and the growth opportunities that riding and each horse is presenting you with.’
Catherine Louise Birmingham

Edward Cox & Lee -Enlightened Riding Seminar Aus 2018
Edward Cox with the master Mr Lee 🙂 Enlightened Riding Seminar & Workshop Australia 2018

“I went a to Catherine’s seminar not knowing what to expect except that I’d be learning something about horses and improve my connection with them. ( it’s the way I role )
Well, I was to learn a lot more than I thought.

We were taken on a well planned journey of self discovery, discovery about our relationship with ourselves, with horses and also the role Horses play in our relationship with them.

I’m no novice when it comes to the spiritual element of life but the things Catherine taught us opened up my eyes even further to a world of unfailing support and beauty. I’m 49 and had never heard the profound ways horses help us to grow and understand ourselves. To be shown just what they do to tell help us and guide us was inspirational.

I’m so grateful for Catherine’s wisdoms and her desire to share them for the benefit of us all..”
Edward Cox, Australia

Enlightened Riding is looking behind the curtain of Dressage…
Deep down you all may be aware that riding is not just the mastery of will’s, physiques and training methods. It is a world of spiritual growth, awareness, power and inner strength. It is a path of self-mastery, inner wisdom and journey’s beyond the rational thinking mind.
My desire is to share with you what your own intuition, feel and awareness is leading you upon anyway. I would like to bridge the worlds of competition, training and professional equestrians with the wild, therapeutic freedom of ancient spiritual thinking and healing, creating a new way of being that involves all of your hearts truest intentions, not just your insecurities and fears.
Will you join me?

The focus is on bringing awareness to and healing blocks that may be sabotaging your riding or your life goals. Empowering positive action toward your goals and giving light to what your heart truly desires.

The Seminar covers 3 major areas;

Mirror Theory

How your horse is a reflection of you/how your life is a reflection of you.

Cycle of Affect

Understanding what creates your experiences

The Shift

How to transform and the purpose of Fear

Catherine Louise Birmingham during a riding and life coaching clinic in Victoria, Australia. July 2014
Catherine Louise Birmingham during a riding and life coaching clinic in Victoria, Australia. July 2014

What people are saying;

“I’m so glad that I met Catherine at a great workshop in Germany last year. She was so positive and her point of view about horses, Riding and living was so lovely… I remember tears running down my Face, when I realized my ‘faults’ and sometimes you just need to turn your mind in another, better and free direction.
The Book is like a little help in every day – if I’m unhappy I just remember or read some pages – sometimes just the personal words she wrote in for me on that day we met.
Stay focused Catherine – you are one of the most beautiful and inspiring persons I know.
So much Love to you from Germany!”
Kristina Schumacher

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was a really interesting experience. As I mentioned a while ago I have been searching for a more intuitive and holistic approach to training and the seminar helped enormously to encourage me down this path.” 
Mindy Abel


Catherine is able to provide Healing and Energy Readings for people during any of her Seminars/Workshops/Clinics
Catherine is able to provide Healing and Energy Readings for people during any of her Seminars/Workshops/Clinics

There is no limit on attendees for this seminar.

Seminar, depending on location, can be between 1-2 hours long.

Private energy reading and healing sessions for individuals are available for small groups only.

Skill level and riding discipline is not specific for the Seminar and is suitable for non-riding businesses and organisations.

Very suitable for Youth Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, Corporations wanting Stress Release and Motivation for Staff and Managers.

For prices and bookings please contact Catherine 


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