Enlightened Riding Seminar CLB Theory 1
Neuwied, Germany 3rd October, 2015

It was to be the first of its kind. The focus was on the 7th neck vertebrae and its problems stemming from a widely chosen form of training with Dressage and Showjumping horses at the moment. Firstly a biomechanical riding and judges aspect of the damage of Roll-Kur, a veterinary explanation of the health damage and well then came me – the Spiritual side.

The connection, information, shared views, open hearts and open minds that Wolfgang and I have been blessed to share together, made this day possible. It is the bridging of two worlds that for most people, are either unaware of one of them existing or are unaware that one does not exist without the other. We are functioning from multiple levels and they are all influenced by one source – individually and collectively – our Souls.

Further dates for Germany with Xenophon and Wolfgang Kutting will be announced soon.
Wenn Sie ein Seminar mit Catherine organisieren moechten, bitte melden Sie hier. Vielen Dank!

“I’m so glad that I met Catherine at a great workshop in Germany last year. She was so positive and her point of view about horses, Riding and living was so lovely… I remember tears running down my Face, when I realized my ‘faults’ and sometimes you just need to turn your mind in another, better and free direction.
The Book is like a little help in every day – if I’m unhappy I just remember or read some pages – sometimes just the personal words she wrote in for me on that day we met.
Stay focused Catherine – you are one of the most beautiful and inspiring persons I know.
So much Love to you from Germany!”
Kristina Schumacher


Milan, Italy 12th October 2015
Milan, Italy
12th October 2015

People had been asking me for a long time before my visit ‘Why was I going to a prison?!’ For me it was very simple –

I believe we all have a responsibility in this life to help each other in whatever way we can.

For me it was a concrete realisation that our hope for healing and growth on the planet as a whole, begins with forgiveness, non-judgment and the hearts of those that are most closed off in this world. With our freewill as a strong part of our Souls experience, it is extremely hard to force change or growth upon anyone that is not inertly ready for it. This is why I believe, most of those that have attracted the experience of being held responsible for their actions are already open to hearing a way forward towards inner and outer change of themselves and their lives.

Catherine is now based in Abruzzo region, Italy and is able to travel to your organization, center or stables for her Enlightened Riding Seminar for an audience of either riders or non-riders.

UK, Denmark, Netherlands

Venues for 2017 are currently being booked. If you are situated within Europe and your country is not yet on the list, please contact Catherine as new venues are always welcome 🙂

‘Riding, just like ancient forms of martial arts, is a complete mastery of awareness and power in every aspect of living our lives. Business, relationships, life purpose, health and happiness.
When you are working with horses (all animals really) they are helping you understand more about yourself. With self-introspection we unlock powers that expand far beyond our five senses.
It is in the power of looking within at yourself that you will see the reasons, the meanings, the way forward and the growth opportunities that riding and each horse is presenting you with.’
Catherine Louise Birmingham


Catherine Louise Birmingham during a riding and life coaching clinic in Victoria, Australia. July 2014
Catherine Louise Birmingham during a riding and life coaching clinic in Victoria, Australia. July 2014

Please contact Catherine if you are interested in organizing an Enlightened Riding Seminar.

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