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Where Dressage Meets Spirituality

With a focus on Spiritual Growth, Empowerment and Healing – See below for ways to bring Catherine into your world.


Spiritual Guidance Session – Email

The power of the written word can transform and heal, providing clarity, direction and understanding to so many of our stresses, fears, problems and issues on or off your horse. After purchasing your session you will receive an email from Catherine providing a guideline of questions. Once you have returned your answers Catherine will give you your Spiritual Guidance Email connecting specifically to you.
(Please note that the subject matter of your questions can be anything from fears, desires, personal or riding related and can vary from emotional to Dressage training. No subject is judged and all correspondence is strictly private.) Read more…

Sessions available in English and German

A two part email – $140AUD

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Spiritual Guidance Session – Skype

The goal is to empower people by taking them through their current state into a positive place within. A powerful way to gain clarity, focus, understanding and direction whether with your riding or with any aspect of your life. 

60 minute Skype Session – $160AUD

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*Please note that the Skype Sessions are done without camera to ensure a constant connection and for Catherine to give you the best guidance possible 🙂


Clinics are available worldwide for those needing a week of coaching for a new direction in life and in riding.

One on one sessions 45min $200AUD


Catherine is available for her Enlightened Riding Seminar, Empowerment Seminar or motivational talks. These seminars are absolutely not necessary for you to be a rider, have horses or even know what a horse looks like! The horse information is only a reference and metaphor that can be changed into any situation, person, place or thing. Brilliant for youth, schools, workplaces, any form of equestrian centers and healing centers and groups. For more information on Seminars.

$Please enquire for pricings


Similar to a clinic Catherine can teach one on one sessions for a 4 day period but with an additional seminar added on a 5th day. These are wonderful for those needing help transitioning or understanding in particular areas within themselves, their riding or their life. You may only ever need one workshop to give you the stepping stone forward. *Max 6 riders per day.

$Please inquire for pricings

Energy Readings

Catherine is able to provide Healing and Energy Readings for people during any of her Seminars/Workshops/Clinics

Needing some direction and guidance in your life? An energy reading gives you an overlook at your current situation and some words of direction towards what your Soul and guides are working towards for you.

15min in person session $50


Catherine is now providing regular writings, quotes and able to help with any questions you have through this WordPress site and her – Facebook Google+ and LinkedIn pages. Or if you are needing some personal advice at the moment then a Spiritual Guidance Email may be what you need!
Her available Books include –








Videos can be found on Catherine’s You Tube Channel

A moment of healing

A moment of healing

*Catherine is actively involved in various voluntary visits to prisons, youth centers, addiction centers, mental health programs and not-for-profit organisations world wide. Please contact her if you would like to have her visit your center with a workshop, talk, seminar or clinic.

“Hi Catherine,
..You are most talented, brilliant young woman hope you are in a position to mentor young people to think “up” as you do.
I’ve ridden horses but I am not a rider, your description of the connection with the horse opened my mind to possibilities.  Will recommend your writings to my students as well.
lots of love and light to you….Thank you!”
Vanda Borges, Education/Psychology – SMU. Pennsylvania


All of the above services are available worldwide. To enquire about the possibility of bringing Catherine to your country please go to the Contact page. If you are in Italy, where Catherine is now based, Catherine, her partner Nathan and their special dog Mr William are able to visit your center for an extra bit of healing and love!