Energy Readings

Catherine & Nicola with William
“Your insights are such a beacon, Catherine.
There were many areas you connected with. So much confirmation for me and new insight. Your readings are beautifully honest and compassionate, thankyou 💚”
Nicola Poole from Sunbird Animal Communication and Healing

Needing direction, healing or clarity on a situation in your life? An Energy Reading may be just what you need 😉
I’ll use my abilities of seeing, feeling and hearing information from both your and my guides as well as souls living and passed.

Catherine & Utopia with Lee

Some people have been asking what an Energy Reading is? It is where I connect to your energy and give you a reading of where you may be at in life and what steps forward your Soul and Spirit Guides are wanting you to take.

You can have specific questions or just would like an overview of a situation. I also provide helpful, practical steps forward to guide you through your life at the moment.

I have worked passionately my whole life with horses as a Dressage trainer and Coach but realized I was intuitive quite a few yrs ago when I was getting a download of information on horse and rider right before and during a training session with them.
I can see, hear and feel messages/information. This has been present my whole life but I have now been pushed by the Universe into doing this more specifically for people.

“Always amazed with your clarity and connection with spirit..”

Edward Cox

There are a few options to have an energy reading with me by either email, phone or Skype/WhattsApp or Zoom, where I can record your reading for you to refer back to when needed. Below is a list of sessions times with me and also an easy PayPal booking button. Once your session is paid for you will receive an email from me with time options and your preferred contacting mode – Phone/WhattsApp/Skype/Zoom.

Energy Reading Spiritual Guidance Session – Phone/WhattsApp/Skype/Zoom

10 minutes – $40AUD 
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30 minutes – $90AUD
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60 minutes – $180AUD
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Buy 3 60 minute Readings and receive a 10% Discount on the total –
3 x 60 Minutes – $540AUD $486AUD
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Please Note: I can call you on – Mobile and Landline USA, Canada & Alaska. Landline Only Australia & Europe. The readings are always done with my eyes closed through any format. Zoom is the easiest as it can freely be downloaded onto any computer or smart device enabling me to record your reading for you to refer back to and watch at any time of need. By far my favorite way of doing your Reading! 🙂

“Dear Catherine, Your ability to connect at a soul level to help me on every level was a great help at a time of upheaval in my life. I was feeling the effects of stress and feeling unsure of my future and where to go next. You were spot on with where you saw me at now emotionally, and spiritually. Your clear, honest and practical guidance helped me to have clarity and confidence in my next steps and direction for where I need to be. I received specific help with where to look within and why this would help me to move forward in life and also within for my spiritual path. Knowing that you could obviously see me on every level gave me the assurance and comfort that I was in good hands. All of this was healing in itself but add in your healing energy and heart aligned intentions to that and I was left cleansed, strong and still within. My stress was replaced with empowerment.. I feel blessed for my experience with you Catherine. Gratefully Edward Cox”

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