What people are saying….

“Thank you very much for today – I feel a great shift and weight moving and what you have seen and expressed today all makes perfect sense. I am in awe of your sensitivity and insight.”

Felicity Wischer, Australia

IMG_20180517_151821 (2)
Catherine with Anne and her young man Beau, during her visit to Australia in May, 2018.

‘I first met Catherine when she was running her business in Officer Victoria after I took on a Inter 1 dressage horse and suddenly discovered I had no idea what I was doing, even though at this stage I had already ridden and competed at Pix St George. This beautiful big strong horse called William would hollow his back buck and eventually rear through frustration at the person on his back giving all the wrong signals.
Catherine took me right back to basics which was a long rein contact at the end of the buckle and a really big canter, changing rein many times with massive flying changes at each change. I soon learnt do not hang on and FEEL the STRIDE.
That word FEEL is so significant in everything I have learnt since. Catherine’s words often echo in my head to this day STOP THINKING and FEEL.
I went on to ride some of the best movements I have ever felt on any horse with this beautiful big man under Catherine’s guidance.
Since then I have worked with two other horses and both of them blossomed the minute Catherine and I started working together. My latest horse is only 5yrs and we have a long way to go but there is always clarity and vision as where I should be going that particular ride if I think of Catherine’s words Focus Feel and Ride the Stride before it happens .
Catherine has an amazing ability to tune in to both rider and horse, she connects mentally and spiritually in a way that is very hard to describe, its like sitting in a bubble during a lesson and all else does not exist.
Beau (my young horse) and I had the pleasure of working once again with Catherine on her latest visit to Australia where she ran her Seminars Where Dressage Meets Spirituality, and it was no surprise that the horse suddenly started working so much better, after those words were ringing in my ears again “JUST FEEL ANNE”
I wish Catherine all the best in her latest venture and feel it is Australia’s lose that Catherine, Nathan and Utopia have chosen Italy for their home.’

Anne Moseley, Australia

You took time for my daughter, me and our horse and had an open ear for us and good advice, especially regarding our horse Showman.
You’ve mostly advised me to zurüchzuhalten (hold back) something and trust my daughter.
Furthermore, you said about our horse that he has an open and honest eye and that we should give him time.
It wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it!!! Showman is a true treasure and has been able to go to the tournament together since last year.
In between, however, there are sometimes smaller setbacks, but we do not give up.
I’ve always had to think about you often and that helped me in difficult situations to persevere!!!!
People who have not believed in Showman are more than amazed at what we have achieved. And I more than happy.’

Manuela van Schewyck, Germany

‘I had a reading with Catherine and let me just say – she is very, very talented. She was able to read my energy, she had help from my guides and she was able to answer questions that I needed answers too. Big questions centered around life purpose that are usually hard to find answers too. She had the answers and she also saw where I was energetically blocked and told me how to unblock and clear the path for future success. She is super intuitive, very connected and she is truly amazing. If you have questions about your next steps in life or are struggling for clarity – reach out to Catherine. Not only is she super talented, but she is also incredibly caring and you will enter a judgment-free zone with her. She is amazing – Love her!’

Julie Saillant, United States of America