Bringing Lee Home

Some of you will already know my horse, Soul mate and friend over the last 16 years – Lee (Llanavar Lieber) He walked into my life with a student. I had just returned to Australia because my father was sick with cancer. A lady rang me to ask if I could help her daughter with their new horse. Her words were ‘We just bought a young warmblood from the stud and I think we need some help.’ Annette and her daughter Jessica have to this day become people I trust and know. Lee always brings together the people that need to know each other, just as his soul brother Mr William did! I remember the very first time I walked into the indoor and saw him being ridden around with Jess, I felt love at first sight for the first time in my life and never have since. I had seen a lot of horses by this time and some very well bred, trained and cared for ones but when I saw Lee I saw his light. I had never reacted the same way as I did when meeting Lee until then or ever again. 

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