The Art of Finding Balance

When riding, the front is a mirror reflection of the hind. In life what is happening outside of you is a mirror reflection of what is happening inside of you.
When something is showing up in the front when riding, that you wish to change, you can’t change it through the reflection, you must go to what is creating the reflection.
The hind.
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The Power of Your Body

Article written by Catherine Louise Birmingham

You cannot think your way out of riding you can only feel your way into it.

In Ride for Life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders, I mentioned a wonderful analogy from Norman Vincent Peale, here he say’s that ‘A cyclone derives its power from a calm centre’.
The clarity and power of focus that a developed rider has is the same clarity and power of focus that a Zen Buddhist monk has. Both are created from within and both require training and mastered awareness, this is attainable through disciplined riding.

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