Dearest beautiful Souls of this world. If you have found your way here to me, I open my arms up to welcome you. We are enduring a great time of awakening and change for humanity, Mother Earth and all the species of plant, insect and animal that live upon her.

Many Souls are here for Soul fulfillment and will be doing the hard yards of dissolving the, very necessary, human ego self. This takes time and can be at times very confronting. Here, I offer my assistance to those wishing to take this path. Many other Souls have come here for Ego fulfillment and this planet Earth provides the stage for those to do that. This can be challenging for the Souls dissolving the ego self and this is where I hope to provide help with understanding the duality of the modern world here and how to live life with it around us.

Horses and training Dressage have always been my greatest teacher and training ground to work on the dissolving of my ego self while being surrounded by it. Their messages and training are being shared here for you through books, articles and videos.

Enjoy the many articles, picture quotes and ways to understand, uncover and walk the path your Soul came here to live. I offer healing and guidance for you as well as some intuitional direction and guidance from your very own Guides, for us living together through one of the greatest awakening and powerful times of being alive on this beautiful Earth!

Catherine, Lee & Mr Fluffy

If you wanted you can have a Healing Session or Intuitive Energy Reading via Zoom, recorded for you or enjoy a Written Reading that you can keep to refer back to many times over.

I don’t use Social Media anymore but please feel free to connect with me via my Newsletter or simply drop in a word from the Connect Page.

Sending all my love,