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Catherine Louise Birmingham

 Welcome to my website!

I have loved horses my whole life and have always been intuitive and sensitive to the energies of sounds, people and places around me but was also emotionally very deep. I struggled with having to numb these sensitivities down to continue working professionally as a Dressage Rider, Trainer and Coach so pursued my heart and Souls calling of being a spiritual teacher, writer and healer.
I began to teach the mastering and understanding of riding your own life, through books and articles. I am the author of Ride for Life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders, as well as many articles that can be found right here on my website.
I now live with my partner and our family, in Italy, where I continue to write, give Energy Readings & Spiritual Guidance online.

My beautiful family –
Myself, our twins – Galorian & Bluebell, Utopia Rose & my life partner, Nathan.

If you are looking for healing, guidance, advice or wanting to connect with your own guides I am an intuitive, empath, healer and life guider.

Everything I have done and do, is always driven by my heart and a huge desire to bring a more love based consciousness to the people of this world.

I hope my own journey helps light the way ahead for you on your own. Mostly I hope it helps you understand where and why you have been to places both inside and out, in the past and the present.
Life is about Spiritual Growth, it’s what we are here for, it’s what we came here to do. I know it now to be my Souls work of helping people with that growth – To be a Spiritual Guidance for other Souls to connect with their Souls path in helping us all to create a more evolved and enlightened world.

Sending out all my love.


‘I have known Catherine for many years, she has guided and supported me through my many challenges, as a rider and personally and helped direct me on a path of personal growth and discovery.
The entire time Catherine showed genuine love and compassion, and freely gave herself, always being authentic, compassionate, empathetic and intuitive.
I owe to much to this beautiful lady and I am truly blessed to have her come into my life.’
Jillian Drew, Australia, Equevoke.

Always a lover of horses, a seeker of truth and the Intuitive light. Catherine began with a passionate riding career that took her across the world.
After two major life challenges that kept her on the Spiritual path, Catherine now works with her Guides to help others find clarity on their life plans, growths and purpose. Helping individuals and all of life itself, unfold their Souls calling and bring a planned change in awareness to the people of this world

My beautiful Guides
Catherine with her horse Lee
Catherine with her horse Lee – Llanavar Leiber

Enjoy below a short bio of my Equestrian life;

Past international experience as an equestrian rider and trainer, have earned Catherine an esteemed reputation in Germany, Japan, Australia & throughout Asia.

Catherine has a long list of experience with training horses for Dressage but is also a gifted teacher and writer.

Her love of horses began as a young girl and led Catherine to volunteer with her mother at the local RDA (Riding for the Disabled) from the age of 9yo. With her trusted friend, Tonto, Catherine self-taught herself how to ride throughout the week (after doing her paper delivery), bareback, using only a halter and most days with nothing.

RDA pony Tonto and Catherine - 9yo. 'I was convinced I was Doris Day in Calamity Jane.'
RDA pony Tonto and Catherine – 9yo. ‘I was convinced I was Doris Day in Calamity Jane.’

She then followed her passion through Pony Club and professionally in Australia before leaving for Germany at the age of 19.
Catherine began her training in Germany with international Stud, Zuchthof Klatte and went on to train in Classical German Dressage with Josef Freese, PferdewirtschaftmeisterGold FN(Germany) and Paul Warnke M level Dressage Judge and trainer (Germany).

Catherine was featured on the front cover of Pferdemarkt in Germany.
Catherine was featured on the front cover of Pferdemarkt in Germany. ’02’

She previously worked at the AEBC under Dr Andrew McClean, Equine Behavouralist (Australia).
She was main Dressage coach for Olympic stables, Sugitani, in Japan and went on to develop and own training stables – Equinoxe Equestrian – Enlightened Equestrian Education, for 5yrs, in Vic Australia, where she wrote her first book – Ride for Life; The three Golden Principles for Riders, in 2007.

In Japan where I was blessed to ride beautifully trained horses from Europe and live with a beautiful culture of people
Japan ’04’

Catherine closed her loved Stables and travelled to Malaysia to meditate in mountains and temples. She began giving the local Equestrian centre free coaching. During this time she wrote her second book in the year of 2011 and subsequently a series of riding related personal growth articles, published with Ridehesten magazine in Denmark and through out this site.
Afterwards Catherine returned to riding and coaching for stables in Singapore and Jakarta Indonesia.


Training with the ever amazing, Baronetta, at Arthayasa Stables. Jakarta, Indonesia ’14’

‘I greatly appreciate all the support that I have received over the years in pursuing a different path. Thank you for following your truth and making the world a brighter place to be – for each other, this planet and the animals sharing their home with us. The world is a brighter place having you all in it. Thank you.’

Catherine Louise Birmingham


by Catherine Louise Birmingham

Ride For Life – The Three Golden Principles for Riders
Written by Catherine Louise Birmingham

'It's an inspiration" Nadia Hastarini, Indonesia
‘It’s an inspiration”
Nadia Hastarini, Indonesia

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Educational and motivational – this book can help any rider or athlete build confidence, resilience, and gain better understanding of what really constitutes success.
With a personal foreword by Princess Nathalie of Denmark and testimonials from Olympic riders, this book is as regal as its fans….read more

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  1. We find one of fine dressage coach for our daughter Sudipti hajela Her lessons bring lot off transformation in her riding and in thoughts


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