A Universe in Pain needing to be Healed

Limitations quoteI once was plagued with a back pain from injuries obtained throughout a stressful, grueling and difficult career in working with horses.

My path to healing led me down numerous tracks. At first I was in complete denial and searched in whatever medical way I could to escape the pain and continue my beloved work. This did not last and after one day getting off a horse and realising I could not feel both my legs I was pushed to more action. Shortly after this surgeons were telling me I would need to change career and I could not ride again, I kept riding but I also began to search deeper. Accupunture, water physiotherapy, herbs, pressure point therapy, mental coaching and many, many anti-inflammatory tablets!

Lee, the man who gave me the journey to living what I knew I was meant to be living but didn't have the courage to do it without a push from him. It was a constant big push hehehe
Lee, the man who gave me the journey to living what I knew I was meant to be living but didn’t have the courage to do it without the push from him. It was a constant big push!

My healing though, over a seven year period, was through awareness. Awareness of what was triggering the physical pain from my beliefs and fears – past and present. A special horse named Lee and the empowerment to move beyond it from the information provided by a special man in America. All of the other therapies were only able to assist in the physical healing once I was able to create a connection with all areas of my being.

The healing that I needed for my internal chaos and pain physically, was in alignment with my exterior conflict and pain as well as from an emotional and Soul level.

Now imagine the world as one giant body with numerous areas of sickness, injury and pain. To heal this great planet and all that is within it requires firstly awareness of what is truly going on.

healing - collective evolutionBy trying to escape the reality of it only increases its calling for help. How many of us are in denial of the problems of the world? Escaping it through a false sense of connection and happiness – endless material possessions, holidays, parties, alcohol and more. The false idea of the world consisting of only the ‘lucky’ city or country one lives in and that what is happening out there does not effect us in here.

It may sound like I am preaching but that’s probably because I am. Very few will be reading this anyway, I know I lost most people simply from the heading.

But if you are then you are probably one of those that, like me, are desiring a happier planet to exist in. One where freedom is expressed through communication, equality and truth. Not a world governed by fear, war, control, guilt and threats from law.

If we are to help this world heal than like any illness or injury, understanding what caused the pain is the key to enabling forgiveness and change to begin.

On a spiritual level this world vibrates at a denser level keeping many of us in the ‘illusion’ of life. This is a false cage of fear that makes us believe we are limited in our capabilities and possibilities. It allows the growth of our ego self to blind us from our Soul and it disconnects us from the world around us.

Your truth matters and your life matters too.

Trying to stop this happening is like stopping the same water that we want to drink, eventually we need that water to survive. Every one of our fears is the catalyst of growth that raises our vibration to a higher level of awareness. By looking at the state of the worlds pains and gaining understanding, not judgment, forgiveness, not hate and empowerment, not victimization we are able to raise our own vibration which is, in the end, the purpose of the pain existing in the first place. This world and the state it is in is pushing us towards growth and individually we have an opportunity to let its purpose of existence propel us into a higher level of awareness and life for us all.

Those ‘people’ that are terrorizing this worlds humans, nature, food and animals, they are part of our collective growth and without them we would have no reason to change. Yes I would like to see harmony, no I wish their wasn’t all of the horrid pain here but they too are my fellow Souls trying to live this human life and their purpose of existence is just as important as mine.

This is not a choice – you chose to be here at this time already as a soul planning this life here on earth. It is though your choice to listen to that inner voice and go with its pull or fight against it and wait until your next life. In the end you will evolve – we all will and we all have each other to thank for this opportunity of growth.

Growth is always painful. The more uncomfortable something is the more we find the will to move through and beyond it.

Open your eyes, listen to your heart and live the truth of yourself and purpose your Soul brought you here to live, each day of your life. Pain is upon us but transformation is too. You exist here and now during a great shift in awareness, it is no coincidence that you are reading this and that you were led here by someone who simply rides horses.


Every one of our fears is the catalyst of growth that raises our vibration to a higher level of awareness

All my love to you and may 2016 assist you in your own growth and healing, I am grateful for your existence.

Catherine Louise Birmingham
Always a lover of horses, a seeker of truth and the Intuitive light. Catherine began with a passionate riding career that took her across the world. 
After two major life challenges that kept her on the Spiritual path, Catherine now works with her Guides to help others find clarity on their life plans, growths and purpose. Helping individuals and all of life itself, unfold their Souls calling and bring a planned change in awareness to the people of this world.
Catherine works as an Intuitive Energy Healer, Equestrian & Life Guider and is the author of Ride for life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders. You can make a booking for any Reading or Sessions here – Healing & Coaching

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